sugar magnolia Update

well another month gone…
i had started to think i was close with her, but i am not really.. as i have to work out what to do about the background… sigh
do i try and make a circle, leave it as it is, or have no background at all..
who knows

i must stitch that cheek next… she looks funny with that gap there!
ummm trying to think if i have anything else to talk about..
i have been stitching lady in the meadow, but it looks like i have done nothing on her at all..
as i have been filling in the bodice with all the detail sttiches..

i have been playing on etsy buying pdf files of lovely knitted hats.. i am probably going to try and knit pauls dad a hat/beanie in the next few days as i am off on another trek to visit the rheumatologist… and i think my chilblain dispersement is such that where the needles and wool will rub is NOT where the chilblains are… guess i will find out
in case you are wondering i will be stitching in posmerino ( approx 10 ply) from the knittery in the ripple and natural.. just a basic beannie shaped hat with ear flaps and a simple stripe pattern 
but i also bought a wonderful collection of hats for me to choose from from this etsy seller
and i have to say i am tempted by these two colours at the knittery..
Merino cashmere in Dreamy  and Midnight though i should be good and knit my left over reds or my sea breeze
i am also tempted to buy this pattern   i love cables and lace type stuff


8 responses to “sugar magnolia Update

  1. She’s looking lovely! sorry, can’t help you with any ideas about the background. But whatever you decide, I’m sure will look great.

  2. Magnolia is turning into a could leave her without a background and frame her with an oval/round mat…

  3. She is looking so beautiful! I like Jan’s idea of the circular mat.

  4. Sugar is so beautiful! i so envy your stitching ability on all those tiny holes. Jan’s idea of the oval mat sounds good to me too. what a lovely pic she will be encircled by an oval mat.
    Hope your chilblains go away VERY soon! (hugs) hope the visit to the rheumatologist goes well (more hugs).

  5. What a cutie she is even with that skin defect…perhaps a good sckin cream to clear up that dry skin? All kidding aside, she is just too cute! Jan’s idea of an oval mat is just what i would have suggested, the fabric is lovely and I would not hide it with a background…whatever you do do, it will be perfect!
    Got my fingers crossed for your visit to the rheumatologist…thinking positive thoughts for you.
    lots of hugs

  6. To get a circle out of a square chart you could try the following (take with a grain of salt, cause I’ve not done this myself) … grab a large round dinner plate (you may need to break out some cardboard and compass to cut out a circle if the dinner plates aren’t the right size). Place your circle template on your stitching with the girl centred nicely. Mark out the circle in pencil. Then back stitch around the tracing a couple of stitches in from the pencil mark (to keep the pencil lines out of the stitching zone). Now just stitch the background as normal starting from the girl and working your way out. Stop when you hit the back stitching and perhaps turn that last stitch into a 1/2 X at the edge. Then unpick the back stitching and hopefully you should be left with a perfectly circlular background from a square chart. When it’s framed the pencil marks will be in the framing and not seen. Did that sound complicated? It’s sounded easier in my head before I started typing (lol) … otherwise just ask Bob to modify the chart, after all the website shows the artwork as a circle. Good luck. And good luck at the rheumatologist too!

  7. So much work .. as usual ! All those little stitches.. i am very impressed. The face is so cute. Beautiful eyes.

  8. Sugar Magnolia looks stunning.

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