an update or two…

been a bit busy and distracted the last few days ..

i had time to do some scanning this afternoon so here are my latest pictures..

there is not as much done on Lady in the meadow as i would like, but she is slowly growing


such pretty non me colours lol…

next up is my weekly installment of tranquility.. another row done, we start the 6th row next week!!

i have made a booboo, and i am leaving it.. i decided if it was a real patchwork, there would be stitching errors… and i can’t really see it..
there is another error i will fix on the next row as well..
thinhgs like that do not realy bother me in samplers, but i know some people would not sleep until they fixed it.. lol

i finally have a diagnosis for my connective tissue disease!! it is nice for it to have a name instead of just being a generic CTD i have dermatomyositis..
i start weird meds next week and have a visit to a nueroligist sometime whe i can get an appointment to have muscle testing done.. blech and we all know how much i love blood tests… i will now have monthly ones… yayyy NOT
but i am fine.. as at least now i know what i have and have a clearer idea of how to manage my pain what sucks is the having a combo of the fibromyalgia and that as it means now the muscles and their attachments are inflamed….
i also knitted twohats in the car during the car trip, but i need a digital camera to take pictures of them… and can i say the posmerino wool was a joy to knit.. it felt incredible


6 responses to “an update or two…

  1. Gorgeous stitching as always.
    If you want more info on your meds drop me a line with the names I have access to the MIMMS database at work (the ones the doctors use for prescribing) gives oodles of infor they often neglect to provide you with.
    I have some fabby I need to send to you too.

  2. Stitching looks lovely as always Fudgey. I have as well a good reference book for meds, it’s the physicians desk reference aka the PDR, I just bought a 2007 one. Just hollar if you need anything at all. Now you have a diagnosis to work with, now that you have something that is specified, maybe the treatment will be individualized for you, and we can see some relief for you. Sending big cyber hugs. (((((hugs)))))

  3. Love all the detail that is coming in with the bodice of the lady and the sampler is lovely too…i think that an error or two just personalizes the piece 😉
    I read up on your diagnosis and hope that now that there is a name to it, it can more easily be worked on. this is a big step already in the right direction! Take it easy and big hugs to you and also Paul.

  4. Love lady in the Meadow, colours aren’e me but love it all the same
    ((HUGS)), a diagnosis stops the ‘what if’s’ running thru the head so hopefully the right meds and doses will be fast coming. sorry about all the blood tests coming up though. take care and go easy. Big hugs to Paul and your Mum as well.xx

  5. Love Lady. i love those dark colors. i’m different i know. but they look so beautiful. your work is so special. as for your sampler you know i’m in love with it! there is a quilter’s saying that a quilt should always have a mistake in it because nothing in life is perfect. i apply this to all my crafts as i’m not one who does flawless work.
    so glad you got diagnosed and am very hopeful the meds will work out for you. lots of hugs coming your way.

  6. Beautiful stitching as always. I’m really enjoying seeing Lady come together. And I must admit, ever since you started her, I’ve really been wanting to start a Kinuko Craft one. The only reasons I haven’t are that I don’t have time to stitch at the moment and I can’t decide which one to get. So for now, I live through your lady 🙂
    I’m glad that you are leaving the mistake in. I think it personalises the stitching and makes it uniquely yours. I’ll let you in on a little secret, ok so it won’t be a secret once I post this… there has been a mistake in almost every RR section I have sent out. Of course, I only leave it in if you can’t tell, otherwise I take it out 😉 Yes, I’m bad.

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