stitching purple

i needed a break again for a while so i stitched purple silk mermaid this week for a while..
on top of the health stuff i posted about in my last post on sunday/monday ( can’t remember which it was)
My partners brother passed away unexpectedly last thursday and the house has been in a fair bit of upheaval and sadness in the past week.. he was 32 years old and living in japan and paul had not seen him for 4 years .. there is lots of details and stuff, but i won’t explain them all here, Emma, paul’s sister had only just left there after a holiday with him and she is now back there less than a week later  attending a service and collecting his ashes ( moving a body internationally was a nightmare proposition), and pauly is not coping very well…

so anyway i have had issues with concentration re stitching so went with non commissioned stuff for a while and stitching purple seemed the best bet..
i have also knitted a 1/4  of a pretty red lace scarf for Pauls mum i so need a digital camera as now i will have three knitted pieces to share by next week
anyways i am working on purple silk for the back ground SAl on the BB this weekend and thought i should take a scan of the before..
purple silk

i ordered myself some 2 ply 50 % silk 50 % merino for the Knittery and oh boy it feels amazing.. not sure what to knit… but what ever it will be it will be soft! i am totally in love with it , i keep stroking it
my next stitching purchase will be the Xmas ornie issues on Just cross stitching but i am not sure where to order it from … as in which of my online stores to go with… i think it works out a little more expensive to order in aussie, but i would feel bad ordering something internationally i can easily get in aus..

a special thankyou to all my dear friends who have emailled and ecarded me in the past week , sorry i have not replied to most but massive hugs to you all and thankyou nancy for the flowers paul was blown away by your kindness


10 responses to “stitching purple

  1. You have to tell me what colour you got in the 2py silk/merino? I was looking at it and couldn’t decide on Cherries, Charcoal or Lakeside Flora. LOVE the progress you have made on Purple Silk Mermaid, all thouse shade of purple….yummmmmmmm! Hugs to both you and Paul xx

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Sending you healing hugs from the other side of the world. My heart is with you and Paul during this trying time.

  3. My depest condolences! I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending you hugs and prayers.
    BTW, your purple silk mermaid looks gorgeous!

  4. ((hugs to you both)) Such sad news. Will keep you both in my thoughts.

  5. Sending hugs to you both..very sad. I do love your purples..very pretty! anxious to see your pics of completed knitting projects…not enough hours in the day to get my x-stitching and knitting and card making all in… thoughts are with you and paul during this sad time. Take care, dear one. Big hugs

  6. What a pretty start you have on your mermaid! I love the purples:)

    Sorry to hear about the loss in your family. My condolences to you and your family.

  7. Ooh, pretty! 🙂 I do love those purples and look forward to seeing your next progress pic.

    Hugs to you all down there.

  8. Oh, J-M, I’m so sorry 😦 My deepest sympathies to Paul on his loss and hugs to you.

    Stitching purple is good therapy and Purple Silk Mermaid is looking fantastic.

  9. I now have to knit, thanks again…..giggle. did you buy up all the grape yarn? Do tell which colours you got…
    bit hugs as always…and yes I posted!

  10. Big hugs Fudgey! so sorry for all that you are going through right now. please give Paul my condolences. it has to be so difficult for you all.
    love your purple silk mermie. as a fellow purple lover bet it’s a lot of fun working on it.
    sending lots of positive thoughts coming your way, special faery.

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