no more pictures

i can not fit tranquility sampler into the scanner anymore..
yes i can use my photostitch program and stitch it together but i am not doing that everyweek… too much hassle for this lazy person..
so i will only update every second or third week until it is done now, so no picture this week.. and whats more i had it done before 3 pm yesterday ( saturday) a new record the new motif was gorgeous


I am stitching Purple silk mermaid background so i will update that picture in the next few days… and hopefully i will have knitty pics on wednesday or thursday if Paul rememebrs the digital cmaera from work ( do not hold your breathe!!)
i had an attack of the clicky finger yesterday and accidentally ordered 2 charts.. one of which it would seem not many people knew had been released … it has caused a minor stir on the HDF message board as other people want it too..
it is called Mary Anne and it is by Monasterium designs, the designer who did cossima and clarissa the wierd thing is i found it on and Aussie ONS and i truly have not found it at any other ONS in cyber world
whilst i was at it i also ordered this chart from The Cats Whiskers a perfect chart to stitch as a gift IMO make sure you click on the make larger links as they are really good  big pics so you can see the details

oh and whilst typing this i cam across this ,Honour thy needle pyramid Etui, which will be released at the hershey Cats … how stunning, Ilove the stuff that Jo is helping distribute now, not just the Carts whiskers stuff, but all the dsigners she has on her site now


5 responses to “no more pictures

  1. Oh pics for me to feast my eyes on. always like Sun. nites to catch up on your pretties
    sigh! I followed your links and fell in love with the Honour thy needle pyramid. that is really something 🙂
    Hope your weekend has gone smoothly.

  2. lust love the Cats Whiskers designs too. that pyramid etui is really special i think. Love the Mary Ann sampler also. thanks for the link Fudgey. thanks for the link.

  3. Oops. nothing like repeating oneself! lol.

  4. Your clicky finger managed to find the loveliest of lovelies…good clicky finger!
    Hope you had a more productive stitchy weekend than I…just not into stitching backgrounds these days but this is our discontinued artist weekend sal so I am hoping to get inspired. I blame Rose -grin.
    hugs dear one

  5. I like some of the motifs in Maryanne. I’ll have to put it on my list. Not to stitch all together, but each of those motifs would be great on something small. Thanks for the link.

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