purple silk mermie update

just a quickie to show off my pretty mermie..
i was going to be able to show you pictures of my knitting as well, but paul forgot to bring the camera home , so the 4 ply wool cashmere diamond pattern scarf in the reds colourway has gone to its home without a photo..
he PROMISES they will take a picture … but i think they will be way too distracted with the memorial service and various dinner etc to remember … fingers crossed
so anyway here is my purple girl

purple silk

i did not quite finish that eye the bottom eyelid only has the right corner , but you get the idea..
and now Ching Chou has painted Peachy silk mermaid and she is just awesome, she did a blue one , whom i like , but Peachy is breathe taking.. i need her to go beside my purple girl.. and as i said to nance if she does a pink one.. well i am really in trouble..
2 quick mentions one to Colours Down Under, i can not believe how quickly my Mary Anne chart arrived from WA must have been a strong tail wind there!!
and If you order the JCS ornie issue form Needle Little Love it is free shipping on the whole order and i know for Aussie girls that is an extra bonus as the AUD is very attractive against the Singapore dollar, and Jean is a Lovely lovely lady to deal with oh and to keep the mag company i ordereda little chart i have had sitting on my wish list there since she added it to her pages..  Bonne Peche by Isabelle Vautier ( whose work i adore)

oh and i am an orphan .. Paul left this morning ( wednesday) for the memorial service and numerous get togethers etc and i will not see him until Sunday Night.. i had to stay home and look after the animals and myself as i am not really well enough to travel atm with my muscles and new meds not cooperating all that well… but i am ok before anyone worries honest i am

next updaye will be of Love Notes.. who jumped up and grabbed me when i went to collect my Model out of the closet..


8 responses to “purple silk mermie update

  1. oh fudgey…you terrible enabler.

    I am staring at my cart and it currently has three packs of needles, the JCS issue and a chart. I am trying to resist paying!

    …I don’t think I’ll make it, but I will try!

  2. first of all, lots of gentle hugs. love your purple mermie with that cute eye peeking out. she is so beautiful but then purple is one of my favorite colors.
    hope you will get lots of stitches in while you are by yourself and don’t get too lonely. also, sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    more hugs

  3. she’s looking absolutely fabulous!

  4. Love your purple girl. You got a lot done and the stitching is beautiful as always. You must really be enjoying those colours.

  5. Your purple mermaid is coming so beautiful ! Fudgey : great stitcher as ever 😉

  6. Fudgey, your purple girl is looking lovely. I think the little chart with the seahorse is adorable! And, yes, I like the peachie colored one also..peaches and purples and pinks..all such girlie colors…..love them! Hugs

  7. You Purple gal has her eye on you…better not leave her alone too long but with Paul away, love notes seems like just the thing.
    It is good to keep busy. Have some hot cocao and relax.
    hugs dear one.

  8. http://www.knit1mag.com/blog/?p=298
    a little toy crochet pattern for your enjoyment!
    I lurve your purple gal.

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