pictures galore

well 2 pictures anyway.. lol..
first up is my tranq sampler.. i did the whole scanning in bits , cropping to the same dimensions, using the photostitch program, etc etc etc thing this week , sort of cropped a stitch or two off the bottom cos it was not quite straight but what the hey


next is my pretty in pink girl Love Notes.. she had been feeling neglected and leapt out at me when i opened the cupboard to take out a model to stitch on wednesday i actually did a fair bit.. it was my most productive stitching day wednesday …
cos it has been so long.. it is done 1×1 on Passione riccamo evenweave linen


a few new things that caught my eye on the web are
the new Long Dog called Scarlet Ribands i really like it , possibley with The token it is my favourite long Dog chart…
and for what ever reason i really think this new addition to the french country series by JBW is adorable.. i really have a soft spot for this series French Country ABC’s

but bestest of all is the Red letter ornaments from Blue Ribbon designs.. another series i love is the inscription samplers by them and this is a lovely extension of the idea

i am vwery eclectic in the things i pick out to highlight aren’t i!!
and before i go.. did you all click on the link Lindy left in the comments section of my last blog entry…if not.. go back and do so… it is for the mostest adorabubble little multilegged creature, and even if you are not into amigarumi crochet , the pic is precious..

thankyou lindy


7 responses to “pictures galore

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Love that pink girl, despite being negected for so long she looks quite content now. Pinks are the best thing to stitch when you feel a tad down, they are such happy colours! the Sampler is coming along great too…you must be so close to a finish on that one.
    huggles dear one and hope the skies clear for you!

  2. Hmm I just realised I keep dropping by to read your blog but forget to comment.
    I am as bad a blog reader as I am a poster *hangs her head in shame*
    All your recent stitching looks fabulous miss fudgey and I think love notes deserved a little attention. I do love Annies style she just uses alot of pink and yellow which unfortunately are my least favourite colours hehe.

  3. Great stitching as always. I wonder if the huge amount of progress on your pink lady is because of the fabric. I’ve found that PR linen is so lovely and fast to stitch on.
    That photostitch sounds involved. Next time, just send all the scans to me an I will put them together in a couple of clicks of the mouse in photoshop. All you need is to make sure that the pics overlap when you scan them (usually by about 20% but I have joined photos with less). Then I’ll send you back the finished pic.

  4. I know why you made great progress – it’s because you love the colours! I’m the same stitching red – everything seems so much easier and nicer! 🙂 Love your pink girl and love that Long Dog too. That’s at least two huge Long Dogs I want to do – I need to not work and live to 300 I think! 😉

  5. My pleasure, Miss Fudgey.
    I always think of you when I see weird crochet animals!

  6. YOu have gotten so much done on your sampler. as always love what you’ve done. as for love notes, it’s pink and it’s an A. Rodrigue so how in the world could you go wrong. love, love love it.
    i have been trying so hard not to order the Red Letter Ornaments chart. it’s really a great chart.

  7. Your sampler is amazing!

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