Dr Who fans..

hmmm thought that would get a few peoples attention..

found this on the Yarn Magazine Blog…
NO i am not going to Knit one for paul… thinking about not showing him, i can see him flinging himself to the floor and drumming his heels until i say i will..


on other news.. yes i owe you all pics of Love Notes and tranquillity sampler, the first will happen in the next day or so, the second will not happen until after next weeks page, sorry..
been stitching for a halloween/autumn exchange today so no pictures of that and i have put QS lady in the Meadow back on the Qsnaps.. my pouty miss Lovenotes will be banished to the hanger in the closet again after i scan her ( i WILL scan her)

Kerry released two very nice SPML charts on her website.. Life Companions ( my fav of the two) and Uplifted
and i definately need this for my bedroom door..



9 responses to “Dr Who fans..

  1. Hehe I love the Daleks I have come across them before… We ave a few daleks about our house including a 12″ remote control one that I bought a certain person for his b’day.

    Very much looking forward to those love notes pictures *hugs*

  2. Oh dear fudgey…
    I live in a house with a doctor who geek, and she has an equally doctor who geek-y boyfriend. And I *have* been looking for a new project and I do miss knitting…

    Oh dear.

    Btw, I have been working on A Restful Night again. And she’s beautiful. At my current rate, I should have this row done by sometime early this week. *insert grinning smiley here*

    I’m waiting for the Love Notes pictures too!

  3. I LOVE Dr. Who! And the picture I got in my mind of a grown man throwing a tantrum is priceless! LOL!
    Can’t wait to see your new pics!

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Oh boy…now that would be the best gift for the man who has everything…you could even turn it into a hat for a certain clothes hound and I bet he would wear it too! – giggle
    Love your princess…of course it would have to be done in purple (and green) 😉

  5. Oh, I just LOVE the dalek. Pity I’m totally incapable of knitting.

  6. I love the dalek too! A cute dalek – whatever next 🙂

  7. I do like the Princess cross stitch and I am sure that it would be perfect on your bedroom door *HUGS*

  8. That dalek cracked me up. So I’m guessing Paul doesn’t read your blog? 🙂
    looking forward to seeing pics of everything, but don’t worry, I’m patient.

  9. Looking forward to your new post of Love Notes.
    Absolutely love, love, love Life Companions. when i can print again this wll be on my list! thanks for posting the link Fudgey.

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