about time for an update

I know i am slack..
well actually it was more i could not be bothered scanning my stitching, well i spose that just underlines how slack i am!
three pictures..
in the order i SHOULD have posted them..
firstly Love Notes.. who has now been hung back up in the closet so there will be no more updates for a while…
love notes

Next up is Lady In The Meadow QS , my current Haed model i did heaps of her this time and filled in nearly all of my single stitches i had been ignoring..lol


and finally the last picture you will see of Tranquility before…

I finish her.. one more page before the end of this last fullsize row, and then hopefully the final row of pages will be released as one .. so MAYBE i am 2 weeks from a finish.. unless martina releases mini pages with like 100 stitches on each one for five weeks.. i hope not though


At the moment i am stitching On Sugar magnolia or the sal challenge..

and then for the week i will be doing my RR piece and Halloween exchange stuff i think…
i am running out of time for the exchange at a rapid rate, i do have one thing done, just not made into anything but it needs a companion
I found a cool italian designer i had seen the work before , but the website i had seen it on had no english whatsoever so i had avoided it, but i found the charts somewhere else
i love how there are trees with hearts , lacey hearts, more trees , hearts, trees .. lol

Renato Parolin  i especially like Harmony  Ti Amo  and C’est La Vie  but i could list many more
something else that has caught my eye this week is from my favourite wool place in australia, The Knittery She has dyed some 4 ply merino/cashmere  in pinks and $5 of every purchase goes to Breast cancer research and it is So pretty.. it screams my name IMO Warm Pinks

and special hugs to Jan who sent me a lovely little owl this week done in backstitch i love him/her  not sure on gender lol

9 responses to “about time for an update

  1. Your stitching is looking fantastic. Sorry I’ve been out of touch.

  2. Wow!! What can I say… I love them all. Lady in the Meadow has come together really quickly, you’ll have a face soon. Well done!

  3. They all look fabulous!! Lady in the Meadow is really starting to look amazing.

  4. So beautiful…and Tranquility – WOW!

    I frogged out the problem area the other day…so now I just need to pick it up again sometime soon 🙂

  5. They are all Loverly, fudgey..you have gotten loads done…I am living vicariously through you…;) You go, girl!! hugs

  6. Your wips are gorgeous! can’t get over how Meadow is coming together.
    love Renato Parolin’s charts, they are neat! love the way trees and hearts are used in combination with each other. especially since im a tree/heart lover. thanks for the link Fudgey.

  7. Lovely work as always. I’m really enjoying seeing Lady of the Meadow coming along.
    As for the knittery wool, I love the concept, but why does the breast cancer colour have to be pink. Why not purple? 🙂

  8. pethairxstitcher

    Your needle has been flying! I am impressed because you have covered so much ground in all of these….drool worthy…all of them.
    Love Warm Pinks from the knittery…it will be so soft and warm, what will you do with it? a lacey shawl perhaps….

  9. Hi! I am in the Tranquility SAL but have not even been able to start mine yet – watching yours has been such an inspiration!

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