pictures and thoughts again

well i have been sttiching a lot…
can’t share all the pics yet, but i can share some..
i can’t share my halloween exchange pictures.. but the yay there is the stitching part is done, now comes the construction part.. which i can do but i am so weird.. i begrudge stitching time to construct the things i have already stitched.. which is sort of SILLY… but there you go

I have finished my last regular page of the tranq sampler there are just the litty bitty pages to go.. the ones i am hoping martina releases all at once, which will mean by this time next week i might be finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but paul reckons she will torture us and release one a week … but no picture of that until i have finished

what i can show you is Sugar magnolia after this months sal challenge  and now she has a whole face ie  no cheek gap, and all her neck and decolletage and lovely choker


i do not think i will make it by the end of the year.. i have a lot of hair to do .. we will see i guess
next is my new sampler start..i know i start samplers  alot.. this one is fun so far..
i like the colours.. i am using a D bag from Vikki ( HDF) which is a detritus bag, that you can get sometimes if you order over $20 of silks for $9 i got two in a month.. ( bad bad bad fudgey) and amazingly they were complimentary colours in both.. and i have got a really cool colour combo going .. the detritus is all the miss labled, wrong dye batch etc silks so she sells them off in bags , and you get heaps in a bag
the chart is Mary Anne which i mentioned a few posts back, it is from Colours Down Under the designer is Monasterium , and CDU is the distributor for the designer and she is about to release two more which i have on sort of pre order i like this style of  sampler better than most quaker reproduction  ones i have decided, the exception being beatrix potter which is OOP and selling for over $100 usd on ebay these days Jane Rees of course, smaller quaker inspired samplers is a different story.. like anything from Midnight Stitching , The workbasket etc  i adore

anyway here is Mary Anne.. 1×1 on 30 ct legacy linen in old ivory


think that is it….. for now…


7 responses to “pictures and thoughts again

  1. Oh wow….what beautiful eye candy for us to oogle at
    Love Miss magnolia and that slender chokered neck
    and as usual…your choice of colours for your samplers is just spot on.

  2. Sugar looks stunning *HUGS*

  3. Fudgey you have some smokin’ needles going on for sure!!!
    Magnolia is just absolutely unbelievably gorgeous!! love the
    MA sampler you’re doing. have been looking at it too but there are a couple i want even more so it’s on the back burner for now.
    Your stitching is awesome!

  4. Oh Mary-Anne is going to be stunning. I love Magnolia as well. You do such beautiful stitching. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Sugar looks gorgeous!!

    And what yummy colors for your new sampler! How do you do it?

  6. pethairxstitcher

    Love the choker on Sugar, she is such a delicate thing that i can well imagine that there would be many Gents on bended knee before her! Lovely. Your sampler..ah!the colours are a breath of fresh air!

  7. Beautiful work as always. Am looking forward to seeing more of both of these.

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