sampler pics

i know i should be stitching models but i had the dreaded head cold/sinus thing again and we all know how much frogging i do when i try and sttich haed or CC with my head exploding, so i stuck to things a bit easier to frog ..

i needed to do a mini sampler for a pen i am filling for pauls mum for her birthday it is called a show off pen and i got mine from Traditional stitches  the insert needed to be 2.5 x 1.75 inches which meant i needed to go small sttiches highish count to get as much detail as possible.. i used bands from a few samplers , but especially my Jane Rees sampler .. so at least i can say now i stitched some of the chart!! i used the new Bright Baneberry silk from HDF… and 32ct parkland linen from silkweaver.. (  I love that colour)

i also did some more of my mary anne sampler i actually did more than the pic shows , but even 1×1 it is too long for the scanner so the final motif which runs horizontally across the bottom , which i started is not shown, i couldn’t be bothered sttiching two pics together sorry

mary anne

i am trying tomake my head explode working out how to put all the Fantasy alphabet from Selina Fenech ( HAED) into a mega sampler.. a sort of life time

i know i want to sttich all the Tiny treasures version, I know i will do the letter part in each one in Black or dark dark purple silk but that is far as i can get.. i need so much fab to fit it all on no matter how i arrange the letters and i am pouting as it means i can’t have a cool hand dyed fab and NO i will not dye some fab myself as i am not buying a metre plus of any fab and then the dyes and then discovering it is a disaster.. and have to buy more fab..

well i spose i should turn the mini sampler into a pen, and get back to haed stitching… and hoping i will get to finish tranq this weekend!!!!!! everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that they release the last five mini pages at once…


6 responses to “sampler pics

  1. Oooh, pretty!
    I’d keep my fingers crossed for you but I need them for stitching 😉 Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I am sleep deprived at the moment but also excited that I finally have time to start stitching again.
    Here’s hoping you get tranq finished this weekend. For me, I have to finish my halloween piece. Oops.

  2. Very pretty!

    Have you considered stitching the letters separately and then quilting them together so you don’t have to tax that sweet blonde brain of yours all at once?

  3. What a pretty. love those colors too. congrats on getting so much done. Selina’s alphabet is sooooo awesome and i have no idea at all what i’m going to do.
    hoping you’re feeling better. (((((((hugs)))))))

  4. pethairxstitcher

    I love the idea of the pen, hope you post an after picture too! (the silk worked out really well) and the sampler has such lovely colours.
    Crossed my toes for you as I too need those fingers and hope that you will be feeling better very soon.

  5. All you’ve stitched is looking great ! i like it very much ! Go on and courage for the alphabet !!

  6. pethairxstitcher

    time for an updater perhaps? giggle

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