drifting along

so.. Sonya sort of hinted that i should update this space..
thing is don’t really have much to say or do so i am going to have to think up a subject to talk about..
i have stitched, buit what i sttiched was for the halloween exchange and i am just waiting for the recipient to take some pics of the pieces so i can show you..
I am working omn lady in a meadow slowly.. and it is not time for a picture yet  so no picture there..
i am still pouting about the fact the tranquility sampler is going to have itty bitty bits of chart released for the last five pages… no pictures there..
i had visitors last weekend and i will from friday to monday this weekend.. limited stitching… less likely hood of pictures next week except the exchange pics and lady ina meadow ( had intended to stitch purple silk this weekend but that is a bust with  8  and 3 yo boys in the house who like doing stuff)
I did finally get my 100/3 silk for my Jane Rees sampler and i am deciding whether to start it this weekend or work on mary anne as obviously i can not stitch haed or Character creations with visitors
it would be very bad to start ANOTHER sampler… lol yes i know i do bad very well!!
hmmm what else can i talk about..
thinking , thinking, thinking,

nope got nothing..

this is a cute mini sampler for xmas..  Scandinavian Christmas 

3 responses to “drifting along

  1. Ok, so only three of us are late. But at least we have company 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the tranquility pieces. Guess she didn’t hear your pleading. Ah well, at least you will have plenty of time to work on your other projects. So I forget, do the pieces come out once a week or once a month?

  2. pethairxstitcher

    And you said you have nothing to talk about…grin Having some young men in the house is wonderful; they will keep you busy and love you to bits! One can never have enough men in one’s live 😉 (the stitching can wait)

  3. Sounds as though you have a very busy weekend ahead. however, those 2 nephews will no doubt bring lots of love, laughter and fun into your life.
    looking forward to a pic of Lady. sorry about the sampler being released in bits, that would probably frustrate me tool
    saved the site you showed for the Christmas sampler. it is very cute. now i get to browse another site. if i spent more time stitching instead of browsing there would probably be some finishes in my life. giggle
    enjoy those sweet boys.

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