no words necessary!!

i am just going to show you a link and thats all i should need to do..

i am in love

 Rhapsody in Red


8 responses to “no words necessary!!

  1. Oh Wow!!!!
    So is this the 2008 sampler SAL I am forseeing for our futures?

  2. yes well..
    i am just waitng for sue to see the picture..
    i think it is the perfect red sampler

  3. Lovely! That looks like it would be a joy to stitch.

  4. oh my!!! you did it again Fudgey! it is gorgeous!!!!

  5. *gasp*


  6. Ditto what Sue said…
    Uh oh…
    Accessories too?
    Uh oh…
    Gloriana Cranberry…
    Uh oh…

  7. Wow! Gorgeous! Need more be said?!

  8. pethairxstitcher

    Two little words…Oh my! followed by heavy breathing and a thud!

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