still alive

i have no voice, my chest hurts, my head hurts ..

BUT i am still here..

it was always a risk with a auto immune disease and strong meds which make me sick as it is that having heaps of visitors would make me run down and i would catch something so my raging sinus ( which seems to be stress related as i have said before) of last week morphed into a head cold this week on the day mum and my nephews left , which has now as the week progressed morphed further into a chest cold , hence no voice
so my stitching has been random at best as i can not concentrate..

i know all but a few of you must think i have disappeared off the face of the earth,  i have not been emailing, blog responding or posting and only doing the minimum on the Haed Bb
so i thought i would at least let you all know i am ok.. sort of broken down , but still ok

so whilst i have been feeling sorry for myself in my distracted stuffed up head way i tidied up my wishlist at the request of Paula.. she gave me busy work so i was not just sitting staring into space in a trance . then when she had looked at it i promptly bought something off it and it changed again.. sorry paula

it wasn’t my fault Needle Little Love has a weekend sale on .. 20% off all charts for this weekend so i finally bought Abbey lane Designs New Beginnings.. i have wanted that chart for about 2-3 years and never bought it.. i have it now.. well on order anyway and i also bought the Bygone Stitches Christmas Quaker as i want a lot of the motifs for various things and i think i deserve a medal for stopping there and not buying more lol..
As far as i can see Jean is the only person in the southern hemisphere that carries Sampler cove charts.. or have i missed an online store when i was checking them all?? aussie/nz girls , do you have any insight there. And you all know which sampler cove chart i am wanting lol.. ( check previous post if you need a reminder)

i had this insane idea that it would look really good with a deep red background and stitched in the White chocolate and another pale silk from HDF ( sadly she has no blush regular left it would have been perfect) like Fleckstone or somewhere else maybe a good pale gloriana or belle soie?
there are some really nice red dyed linens at lakeside linen that would make a great background or the passione ricamo burgandy if all else fails.. am i insane? I am 90% certain that will be my 2008 sampler unless something incredible in the world of samplers occurs before hand
who else is REALLy going to start it and what colours where you thinking.. i know what nicky’s thinking is … all things gloriana and red lol..
Vikki has done the conversion on her site and at first i went WOW THAT many skeins then i remembered i would be doing 1×1  and felt a little better

here is to hoping i can concentrate long enough to get a chunk of Sugar magnolia done for the SAL.. Lady in the meadow is sitting there waiting to have a big chunk frogged ( thats when i stopped all haed stitching late last week as i made a real mess of counting with a sinus headache … le sigh)


6 responses to “still alive

  1. Our girl Janine has an account with European XS, so can get it. I think it is in train – we talked nothing but samplers and stitching the last day and a half and Di’s new one was a hot topic (I have new happy stash too).

    Sorry to hear you have been so ill dear girl. Sending healing vibes your way.

  2. Yes, you know what I’m thinking 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon. You poor thing. That’s all you need on top of the regular aches and pians 😦 Sending virtual chocolate in the hope it helps!

  3. I love your color plans… yummy!

    You need to stop the sick thing, though. *hugs*

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Get it over with…all that sick stuff so that you can then concentrate on being well. Goodnes knows you have had your share and more {huggles} and plenty of {dark cyber choccies}
    We all love you!

  5. lots of healing hugs and healing vibes. hope you get well real, real soon.
    love your color ideas for Rhapsody. thnk they will be stunning.
    have ordered it too and my plan is 550 purple or HDF equivalent and still vacillating on fabric. thinking a hand dyed with mostly pastel greens and maybe some purplish shades thrown in. still hve to search.
    don’t worry bout the wish list cos i have some ideas. the only problem is i love so many you have on your list.
    Take good care of yourself dear Fudgey.
    more hugs

  6. Hmm, I thought I had replied to this, but that must have been in an alternate universe 🙂
    Sorry to hear you are not well and I hope you get better soon.
    Some of the motifs on those samplers would be nice as smalls, probably more from the New Beginnings one I think.
    That colour combination for the red thing (currently can’t think of it’s name) sound very yummy. I haven’t started to think what colours I would want to do for this yet. I love the reds so would be tempted to just do the colours that are there. But there are also so many other options.

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