a little itty bitty finish……


i decided to take the risk that it was logical how the last section of the chart would look next week and completed Tranquility, i also nestled my initials in there somewhere as well, though it is not hard to see them…. not like a where’s Wally image or anything

so without further ado here is my Tranquility sampler


and if you want a bigger image to look at…
here is the link

for the official record..

1×1 on 28 ct Quaker cloth using hdf regular silks in my own colour way, there are two errors i know of , but they do not worry me as it is after all a patchwork sampler and patchwork quilts always have an error traditionally, and me being me i like to do overkill so i have two… lol

next for Sampler  Saturdays, i have a few weekends to catch up on RR”s etc and then hopefully my parcel from Michele will arrive and i will be completing her
Spanish Wine Sampler for her as she has no time to stitch ,  i can’t wait to see it IRL i am looking forward to the challenge.. it has several different techniques in it!

if you click on the cross stitch it goes to a bigger pic of the chart

10 responses to “a little itty bitty finish……

  1. Yay! Lovely work as always and great to have another finish 🙂 what are your plans with it now that it is done?

  2. Lovely!! I wouldn’t call it itty bitty, though, you silly goose!

    Here I was taxing my excuse for a brain and that didn’t stay there as I didn’t consider it itty or bitty! BAH!

    What are your finishing plans for it?

  3. I found your initials! LOL

    Well done, it looks absolutely fantastic, don’t you dare hide it in the cupboard, frame it please!

  4. It looks gorgeous! Congratulations!!

    You must frame it or display it somehow – such a lot of work both with the colours and the stitching 🙂

  5. Your Tranquility turned out lovely..it is gorgeous…I am going to use your idea of the initials JMB (since mine are the same) that is when I get it finished, of course! 😉 the Spanish wine one looks beautiful and quite a challenge! ( I thought maybe you would be starting the red one.) anyway, kudos to you and H.d. for doing a great job and finishing the Tranquility! hugs


  6. Congratulations on a finish … whoohoo 😀
    It looks gorgeous.

  7. Tranquility turned out beautiful! but then i’m not surprised. your stitching and color choices are always perfect. you did good getting it done. whooooohoooooo!!!!
    i knew i was going to get in trouble. Wine Sampler!!!!
    different kinds of stitches!!! Wow!!! right up my alley. gotta check out where to find it.
    Congratulations on your beautiful finish!
    Take good care of yourself and get better real soon Fudgey.
    gentle hugs

  8. Very discreet and the perfect spot for your initials! Whoopee…a finish! It looks lovely and now needs to be displayed…yup i really think it needs to stay out!

  9. Lovely lovely!!!

  10. I have Spanish Wine and the silks to stitch it, but not the time. I can’t wait to see your progress when you start this one.

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