assorted musings

thankyou to the people checking up on me to make sure i am still ok, and to those who have sent me gifties which have arrived or are enroute..
the general feeling from my yet another new GP.. it is like a revolving door my GP drama
is that my immune system is so depressed form the meds that i can not get over a basic cold so i am on long term low dose antibiotics , more tablets.. yay
and i have decided no matter how crappy i feel next week i am going back to the gym i just need to do some exercise other than walking the dog and actually talk to someone other than paul face to face otherwise i will get back to never leaving the house

so that is health update done..

i am stitching Purple Silk mermaid for the mermaid/xmas sal so there will be pics of her in the next 48 hours.. i have also almost completed a mini sampler which started as one thing , the chart was SO BAD that it has ended up being something else.. i am stiching from the picture cos the graph is apalling and totally wrong so there will be a picture and details of that as well

i also have a picture on LITM for you though not as much stitched as i would like cos she had a BIG chunk frogged out of her and restitched which wasted about 1 weeks sttiching time all up, that was my fault though for trying to stitch when really sick so warning .. there is a big picture post coming soon lol
I am very discombobulated about my sttiching and what i am stiching atm..

i am sort of in some weird other world state where i want to start about 10 things but am not starrting any of them and not sure why not..

i have my models, thats fine … i have no worries there.. but in my me stitching time i am really not sure what is going on…. i have stuff to stitch , but i want a new start or two , and that isn’t a problem cos i don’t care about finishing stuff

i mean.. and this will make some of you stunned.. tranquility is still stuck in the scanner i have not even touched it since i finished it.. i have forgotten about it.. really

I have three artworks i am hoping will be charted , but then who knows with me when they are done will there be another three.. lol

i have 4 or five i could start in a heart beat but i have all the wrong floss and by the time any came from the usa i would have moved on to wanting to stitch something else the way i am at the moment….

i am also treading water with samplers…. my silk turned up for the sampler cove one, but fab is an issue in that i need to decide on a deep red or purple 36 ct linen and order it.. i really want that to be my 2008 sampler unless martina Dey releases another good mystery i can do weekly i enjoyed that format

i am waiting for the Spanish Wine Sampler it arrive i am finishing for Michele.. more water treading

i made a stupid Booboo in Mary Anne so am ignoring her atm.. not treading water .. avoiding an issue lol

so see i am all bewtixt and between and airy fairy all over the place even more so than usual..



6 responses to “assorted musings

  1. I understand about tranquility. When I finish a piece (unless of course it is a gift/exchange piece) it gets put in a drawer. Eventually if I get an idea of using it for something it will come out, but mostly it’s all about the process for me.

    Let us know how you go with the deciding if/what to start. It’s always fun starting a new project isn’t it. Especially if it uses a whole new colour set.

    Hope the new set of drugs help and don’t just make everything worse.

  2. ((hugs))

  3. ((((HUGS))) sweetie.
    Look forward to seeing all the promised pics.

  4. sigh..I am in a similiar state as you right now, Fudgey..I am calling it “betwixt and between”! I just finished a fall chart I got on our trip to L.A. and am all wishy washy as what to stitch on..I have lots of wonderful charts kitted up I could start and I spend more time trying to decide what to stitch when I could be stitching, so then I just end up putting my S.L. pansies back on my small frame to work on..and can’t decide what else I want to work on.

    Hope you are feeling better., and the meds help you. Also know you have been dealing with alot on “yukky yuku”, you are a dear.

    Look forward to seeing the pics.

    take care sweetie…hugs

  5. More gentle {{{ hugs }}}

  6. All i can say is you sure do need a lot of hugs right now and i’m joining in to send you some more.

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