last night i was meant to be walking the dog..

she did not get a s long a walk as usuual..

why you ask..

the whales are back!! i missed them last week, was a bit pouty about that but they played for ages yesterday evening two of them, doing LOTS of leaping in the air and making massive splashes..
it is so cool when they come close enough for us all to see
i can watch them for hours

happy happy happy


6 responses to “!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. How totally cool!!!!!!

  2. Wow! you’re so lucky to be able to see them like that. i would be totally mesmerized too. what a great experience.

  3. And where are the pictures for those of us who’ll never see such a thing because 1: my kitties don’t *do* walks and 2: I don’t live within walking distance of whale-friendly waters?

    Tease!! But WOW what a sight it has to be! I’d never leave, either!

  4. woohoo
    I haven’t seem whales in years … I miss sailing and just being near the ocean.
    That should have been a wonderful pick me up 🙂

  5. Watching whales is such a pick me up. We saw an entire armada of them one year off the coast of Nova Scotia…the moms where bringing in the babies to feed! Watching baby whales pretend that they are dolphins, jumping around is something I will never forget!
    You must have had a true feel good moment!

  6. You lucky thing! Make the most of watching them because the japanese boat is on it’s way again to kill 1000 whales for ‘science’. Humpbacks this time too! What is interesting in that whole is if for science debate, I’ve never actually heard of anyone asking to look at their research and records to see if they should keep doing it. Ok, off my soap box now a 🙂

    Hopefully you’ll have nice short dog walks for a while longer and be able to watch them them some more

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