promised pictures…

so i stillhave not uncovered the mystery of the spring garden Jobelan…


onto otherthings..

first picture is of my sampler i pretty much designed..
i started on a chart , but it was so bad that i ditched it and just did my own thing using spot motifs from various charts and in my head
the fabric is LE Honey jazlyn i was sent when i won some fab off ebay as an extra, it is a countrystitch hand dyed.. jazlyn is ok, but not really my preferred fab i would not buy any i have to say… i have a few pieces i have acquired over time.
the silk is the new HDF examplar Oxblood ( cool name lol) and of course stitched 1×1


next cab off the rank is my pretty purple silk Girl, and yes I have deliberatley left one eye not completed cos i am like that
1×1 on 32 ct PR white evenweave linen artist CCKUIK


and finally my measely pic of Lady in the meadow.. measely cos i had to unpick a fair bit and resttich , so the progress is no where what i wanted.. i really would have liked all that bottom section done a week ago…. sigh 1×1 on 28 ct jobelan


my Sampler Cove Rapsody chart arrived as did the white chocolate silk.. now if i could decide upon a colour fab and order said fab i will be ready to start it Jan 1.. and i need to get a move on or my fab will not get here in time as no one in aus /nz does a good dk red or purple hand dyed really

4 responses to “promised pictures…

  1. Oooh, I love that oxblood. This might be another colour I’ll order in that silly 50g size 😉 And your sampler looks lovely. The fabric it is on is gorgeous too, such a pity it was LE.
    Your purple lady is beautiful. I really do love those colours.
    And even though you didn’t get as much done on LITM as you wanted to, she still looks lovely

  2. pethairxstitcher

    All your stitching is amazing considering that you were not feeling all that perky! My hat is off to you (and considering how cold it is here, that is a real compliment).
    I love the Oxblood, some how I did not think it would look as lovely when i saw it on the site but the colour is just perfect for your sampler! Well done my dear and huggles.

  3. Your design is great. love that Oxblood. it sure is pretty. no wonder you got caught up in all those gorgeous purply silks. what a beautiful mermie. as for LITM, you know how much i love that piece. she is lovely and so is your stitching!!
    hope you’re feeling better.

  4. All your WIP’s look amazing, fudgey..your stitching looks so perfect and you have gotten loads done! The oxblood is a gorgeous it! Hugs

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