a quick ramble

i have a wip pic and if i don’t post it now i will forget cos i am after all a bimbo
I started I Give you Five hearts from A Mon Ami Pierre ( look to the links on the right hand side of the blog) which was sent to me last year by a stitchy friend, and you might rememebr i sttiched a scissor fob out of the bonus 6th heart for jan

anyway i digress, i could not face frogging mary Anne over the weekend so i started this cos the suepurpleous silk jumped into my hand and screamed STITCH ME.. i mean what was i to do??
so here is my new wip and i will work on this on weekends until the new year i guess
it is stitched 1×1 on 36 ct lakeside linen in magnolia,… i need more of that.. must remember that for new year stash blitz ( yes ther will be one lol)


scudgy scan, the purple is way prettier than that irl, but the fab colour is not far off, typical , can’t have both right i guess… oh and it is lopsided , but my scans usually are

After no releases last month kerry released two very pretty girly charts the other day ..
by one of my fav artists abranda sisson
i think Carrie is my fav i love green and pink together, though i have to admit i have a definate liking for Ashley’s  attitude and slightly goth look
i seem to be doing well enabling people to start samplers in the new year.. always good when people are as weak as me lol..

and i beleive i willbe having a totally irresponsible new start this week sometime , doubt i will get much done on her , but i have to start my little Holly Angel, she is just so perfect

i will not stitch a lot of the background i will stitch her oval and use a dark matt when and if that time ever comes…


10 responses to “a quick ramble

  1. That looks wonderful!! I love purple. And I love AMAP designs. Great job!

  2. Your new start is just so beautiful. I love it and the colour is gorgeous. If it is even prettier IRL it must be absolutely lovely. (Okay, that’s enough superlatives for one post.)

  3. I resemble that weak person comment missy!! You just watch yourself….. and now that I have seen that purple stitched up, I am more confident about using the one that has been sitting in my stash that I have been pulling out and putting back because I’m a scardy cat! Some days it looks REALLY bright!

    Can’t wait to see Holly being stitched up…. I suppose I owe you a pic … I must update my blog soon

    hugs xx

  4. Yumm! The purple heart looks gorgeous.

  5. Hearts looks beautiful! The purple silk is gorgeous! What color is it? Is it VC? I MUST get some!
    You got Holly Angel already!? You are fast! I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist cheeky!

  6. Oooo… purdy! That purple is fantastic!

    I can’t wait to see your Holly Angel… I’m glad that she got charted so quickly.


  7. pethairxstitcher

    As soon as I saw Holly angel i knew she would be in your hot little hands to stitch…she is perfect as a companion to Magnolia (giggle)
    You purple is just devine and so lovely on that linen even if you say it is not really true to life…and as for weak…hah! Watch me crumble with the best of you enablers…I have standards you know (I don’t just crumble with anyone!

  8. Oooh, pretty! I second Louanne.. who is that purple silk by? I think I might just have to get some 🙂
    Holly Angel? That must mean there are some new releases. I’d better go and investigate. When I saw it on one of JBG’s sites I did think of you stitching it if it were released as a chart.

  9. Love the purple on the magnolia, it’s so yummy.
    yes, here’s another whom you have successfully enabled with the sampler start. it is gorgeous though, have to admit it didn’t take much convincing. going with purple on green, it looks good in the floss toss.

  10. Love the purple heart-gorgeous! Holly is a cutie! Yes, you are a great enabler and it is not a bad thing (I love that you share your “finds” or I might know that these wonderful things are out there!!) 🙂 Hugs

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