just a quick question or two

so as many of you might have read i want to do the Sampler cove red Ribbon Rhapsody chart in white choc floss and dark red or purple fab..

below are two test sttiches, the first is on lakeside linen vintage antique red 36 ct courtesy of mindi who sent me a bit to test on and is pretty spot on colour wise

the second is PTP Discord linen in 32 ct , courtesy of the precious Vicky who sent me an FQ to see if it was dark enough.. it is a bit more intense the colour irl the fab inb this scan

i like the discord better i think, but do you think it is dark enough, or do i need to go darker.. like a real burgundy red, dark purple or navy or even black?
feedback desperately wanted!

so wotcha’s all fink???


17 responses to “just a quick question or two

  1. I like the Discord lots and lots! *swoons*

  2. I think the discord looks really nice too.

  3. I like the discord too!!

  4. I like the more burgandy look of the discord! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I like the Discord better, but I’d like to see one even darker to make the White Chocolate sing…

    And, you didn’t upset me. I thought I made you upset by asking so many questions.

    Now for something funny…my Christmas name came up “Snappy Fluffy Paws” so that must mean I snapped when I shouldn’t have. Love the fluffy paws since I have so many animals.

    God Bless <

  6. Ooooh, Discord! wow!

  7. pethairxstitcher

    Discord! No ifs ands or buts! (nearly wrote butts) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Discord is loverly!

  9. Love the discord.

  10. Discord! ((hugs))

  11. Discord. It’s going to be marvelous!!

  12. Aw, I’m the only one that likes the Antique Red. But then, I have a bias for that pomegranate color!

  13. This is only my opinion, but I prefer the top one of the two as it seems to show the stitches off better.

  14. Here’s another vote for the red one. I think it jumps more than the puple one does.

  15. I really like the discord, it is a richer color and I think the White Choc floss deserves the richness,,,

  16. I like the top one best. The fabric colour is
    darker & deepr, which gives the White Chocolate more contrast! I think the White Chocolate ‘pops’ on
    te top one!!


  17. I think the top redder one as well. I think the stitching really looks like it stands out a lot more. I think the fabric stands out a bit more with the Discord.

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