a different world clock

anyone who has been keepiong track of the discussion on what time it is where and when the most BB ers are likely to be awake will have seen various links to world clocks.. and very interesting they are too..i was telling paul about it and he decided he would put a world clock on his computer and he googled  ( because any link i had would of course be inferior to anything he could find..lol) and found this really depressing version of a world clock..

it is somewhat hypnotising watching the numbers move.. or is that just me..
World Clock

i will have pictures to share tomorrow.. sugar and little miss holly angel has some hair and a bit of holly..


8 responses to “a different world clock

  1. Wow… what a clock… and yes, both hypnotizing and depressing. So, for a pick-me-up, we need pictures!! Sugar and Holly, YES YES YES! Is it tomorrow yet huhhuhhuhhuhuhuhuh?

    *bounces around like a little pesty kid*

  2. pethairxstitcher

    I feel older just looking at it! Oh my gosh, another white hair just for watching…(runs and hides under the desk in the hopes that the clock will go away)
    the girls are coming out to play you say?….YES!

  3. Well, at least the marriages are going up faster than the divorces. And more bicycles than cars. And I watched it for a minute and no animals got extinct. So it’s bad, but it could be worse!

  4. That’s pretty depressing for an elf named Perky Sugar Socks!!! (Don’t you have more toys to make?) 😉

  5. That clock is hypnotic. as for the 2 wips, bring them on! looking forward to seeing what you’ve gotten done. they are 2 beauties for sure.

  6. Mmm that world clock is a little depressing isn’t it?!

    Looking forward to seeing your Holly Angel WIP. Thank you so much for the chart you sent for my birthday! {{{{hugs}}}} She is now printed out:)

  7. All we are is dust in the wind. So the song says anyway. Looking at the world clock makes you realize how fast things can pass us by. Which brings me to something not depressing, your wips, cant wait to see them. Hmmm I notice the world clock doesnt say how many haed’s are completed in a day. lol.

  8. I have to say that I click on the link for the world clock and the scary thing is that it actually showed the time as for over here. When Paul found it, did it show Taz time?

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