i have been trying to write this entry for 4 days…
i just seem to be running out of time all the time..  excllent gramma.. lol

ihave three pics to share with you
the first is my newest baby, Holly Angel by JBG the moment i saw her i knew i had to stitch her..

she is so precious.. i have this thing about pale skinned and haired big eyed waifs..
she is being stitched on the yummy PR linen ( 32ish count) 1×1 , of course


yes that is an eye peeking out at the bottom…

next is another pale princess , this time it is Sugar magnolia after the last SAL challenge for the year


i did so much sparkle thread and no one would know it looking at the picture.. but a lot of the right side of her hair down to the new flower was sparkle thread and i stitched it.. lol

the third picture is of the Sampler i am completing for Michele Spanish Wine
it is a Wild Hearts design and has several specialty stitches in it.. it is done in silks
i have to photostitch the pieces togather as it is a bit too big fo r the scanner i have about half to do , maybe a bit less

spanish wine

there is a bigger pic HERE

I have bitten the bullet and decided to order the Lakeside Linen Rennaisance red for the Sampler cove sampler i am stitching i really think it needed a more even colour ..( i love the discord, and have big plans for it !!) .. but i will not get it until probably the second week of the new year  but that is fine.. i have the spanish wine one and my five hearts to keep me company until then

i entered the world of publishing too..
I am going to be doing the HAED website newsletter.. i hope every one got one yesterday!!

well i have to go back to running around in circles..
hugs to my dear friends who keep checking up on me , you know who you are


12 responses to “Finally…..

  1. JM, Spanish Wine is GORGEOUS!!!! So are HA and SM! You really do have a thing for pale faes! How many JBGs do you have going ATM?
    I got the newsletter, you are a publishing mogol!!! 🙂
    Hope you are feeling well, sending hugs. Louanne

  2. Holly Fairy is gorgeous!! I must not cave and start her, I must not cave and start her! Lol!

    Sugar Magnolia is beautiful. I just love her face.

  3. Forgot to say I did get the HAED newsletter and it was brilliant!

  4. All of your stitching is lovely, as usual!!

  5. Love the new start and Sugar Magnolia is fabulous. I could never do all that pale thread. I hate stitching with pale colours 😮 Well done – she’s grown so much this year. The Spanish Wine sampler looks lovely too. Much nicer than the photos I’ve seen before 🙂

    Oh, and I got the newsletter too!

  6. Look at all the gorgeous eye candy! Yummy!! For someone who dislikes stitching with pale colors, you’ve got quite a collection!

    The sampler looks amazing and the newsletter was great!

    Now, get better! Can’t be blechy over the holidays! *hugs!*

  7. pethairxstitcher

    Oh my! I don’t know what to say…each time I look at your lovely girls i swoon! Holly will look so marvellous together with Magnolia 🙂
    You have gotten loads done on that sampler too!
    Yes, I did notice that the last newsletter had your siggie on it but thought this was a once in a blue moon thing…lots of work ahead for you as I do know that writting a news letter is a very intense. I assume that you have to filter out the Fudgease (giggle)
    Huggles and be well

  8. I loved getting the newsletter – Great work fudgey!

    Spanish wine is stunning… Wild heart designs eh…

    And of course the girls look gorgeous! I can’t believe has quickly they resolve into something recognisable… I can already understand what I am looking at with your lovely Holly WIP.

  9. All those stitches are beautiful !!! Congratulations, you are a great stitcher…

  10. Holly and Sugar are beautiful. they must be sisters. your stitching is exquisite. i’m another that doesn’t like doing pale colors yet they stitch up beautifully.
    Spanish wine is gorgeous. love all the blackwork. gonna have to check out the chart. as though i need another.
    enjoy your camping trip and get lots of r & r.
    Looking forward to more of your newletters.

  11. I called it! That is, I looked at your pic of holly angel and knew it was on PR linen before I read that it was. Isn’t it gorgeous stuff to work on! I think it is the only thing I am going to buy for my HAEDs from now on.
    You got a lot done too. Absolutely beautiful work as always. She is looking lovely so far. And you got a lot of progress on sugar too! she is coming along nicely.
    Your new sampler looks like a lot of blackwork fun, and at least it will keep you busy until you can start the new sampler cove. I plan to hold out on that one as long as I possibly can 😉
    Hope you are having fun camping and we’ll all ‘see’ you when you get back.

  12. Wow, stunning stitching on all your wips. Love your 2 JBG’s your working on. Love the fab as well. I have some PR linen, havent stitched on it yet. I’ll have to give it a go. The sampler is WOW! lovely specialty stitching and blackwork, so neat. Glad your home. I hope your feeling better. (((hugs)))

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