wonderful linkity link

this link was posted on the HDF message board and  I thought i would pass it on..

i love different stitches and it is really nice to see an online resource like this one, so now there is no excuse for the i can not do specialty stitches people.. it is here for you!!



5 responses to “wonderful linkity link

  1. Fudgey, what a wonderful reference to have. I have added it to favorites, thanks for the linky link. The diagrams are excellent. I’m one of those “I cant do speciality stitch people”lol. They scare the beejeebers out of me. lol.

  2. Excellent reference source, thanks for sharing. I will have to go through them all, I love them.

  3. Your blog just ate my post (pout)…are you not feeding it enough perhaps?
    Love the link, thanks…one can never have enough reference sources !

  4. Thanks for the link Fudgey, great site. put it in my favorites too.

  5. Thanks for the link – Looks great

    Always enjoy admiring your stitching – it is always an


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