ok.. try not to laugh at the following musing

does it surprise ANYONE i can not for the life of me work out what i will stitch next year…

i mean i am totally without a clue.. totally, utterly, completely, without a clue

except Red Ribbon sampler …. so far that is it..



8 responses to “well!

  1. umm I am having similar issues and then I keep getting side tracked with plans of knitting. I have been busily rediscovering all the pattern I had squirreled away on my hard drive.

    Oh and umm no it doesn’t surprise me… and really we all know it will change three times before the new year gets here even if you did know *ducks*

  2. And you think you’ve got problems!! I can totally relate to you….. it will all fall into place when you least expect it….

  3. I’m sorry – you make me giggle! Well, you have to start Beatrix Potter at some point because you’re the one who got me signing up for the Sampler SAL 🙂

  4. *bites her bottom lip*

    What Vicky said… there’s no reason for you to have an idea on what you want to stitch because it will all change several times before you actually start.


  5. pethairxstitcher

    Knowing how hard it is to pin you down and that you are forever being pulled by all the beauties that are waving frantically to get your attention…nope….not surprised! what would surprise me would be it you started stitching green! (sticks out her tongue and runs)…giggle

  6. What happened to Rhapsody? is it still in your agenda?
    giggle so many charts, so little time. i think maybe i might have a couple things settled right now.

  7. I can’t laugh at you. I am in the same boat. I know I will be stitching Blue that is only sure thing.

  8. See, my blog did not spam you….now, are we getting closer to a decision? (skipping away as she sings ” green, GREEN, Green, g r e e n)

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