bearing in mind if i decide i want to do something different to what the poll says.. because well i am fudgey and i am perverse

narrowing it down to these choices which one would you say i should start?

my Poll

couldn’t put in in the post had to do a link.. don’t know why.. pout
i am not very computer savy sometimes… sigh


4 responses to “curious

  1. What about Annie’s Pine Dryad? I was waiting with baited breath for you to start that one… she’s so tranquil-looking. I did vote… but if you add Pine Dryad, she’s my favorite!


  2. i voted but is there one that is calling a bit louder than the others?

  3. Giggle….. I voted but somehow I don’t think we are much help

  4. pethairxstitcher

    Goodness knows thatI have tried to get someone to think green but it is not working so poor Pine Dryad is sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere. (grin) My bet is that you go with the one no one votes for! giggle

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