no resolutions or goals here

does this surprise anyone?
i lack the necessary goal oriented personality to do stuff like that i have found.. and the fickle nature of a true bimbo.. lol

i do have some thoughts, reflections and ideas though..
things i know..

i have awesome friends.. no i won’t list them cos they should all know who they are… though some are so sweet and selfless they probably do not even think i am talking about them
i am awfully spoilt by my awesome friends.. they certainly look after me
Silk spools are addictive,.. honest.. and they multiply, but that is ok cos they are awesome gifts for people
I buy too many aceo’s… also ok, they make awesome gifts for people
i have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to stitching.. stop laighing i know it is stating the obvious
Samplers are addictive.. which is a problem as so are HAED charts
No matter how hard i try .. there are some people who will never be happy with help given on the BB…. i need to not let it bother me it is their problem not mine
There are some people who will never say  please, thankyou or acknowledge when i send them usage charts , chart info or help them with missing orders…. again i must let it go ( and stop banning peoples emails when they do not reply with a thankyou … causes problems later when they try and email me for competions etc  lol)
my art tastes have changed so therefore my to stitch list has changed.. ( will be a later post)
 Mystery samplers are fun to do and some how they keep my attention releasing a page a week..
Michele’s sugar and salt scrubs in Fairy Dust and Exotic Vanilla are to die for.. honest.. Julie sent me some.. and i am addicted
in 2008 i will hope to…
start three more haeds, finish 2 .. maybe three
be disciplined enough to finish sugar magnolia for the 2008 challenge and then change to Maggie and also finish her… hmmm that will be tough but i can do it
complete one more large sampler in its entirety ( mystery quaker) and 2 smaller ones.. i give you five hearts and one other
but if i do not … such is life

i wish to finish a CC chart ( model) should be an easy one to have happen ….
I want to see my stash grow and grow and grow… lol… especially with 34- 36 count linens silks and PR fabric for haeds .. and of course sampler charts
i want to learn how to make blinkies and i would like to complete a chart with specialty stitches.. but if i don’t , that is ok too

but most of all i want all my friends to have a healthier  year than we did in 2007 , i think we all struggled with our health and it just is not right so if only one wish comes true , i hope it is that one

i should have a picture of my mystery sampler in the next 36 hours.. if i can sit still long enough i have the wanders atm and can not focus..

 Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2008 with lots of stitchy time and finishes


7 responses to “no resolutions or goals here

  1. I see you waving that cute lil’ behind of yours at us… cheeky!

    For all those characters who never say thank you… allow me… THANK YOU! *HUGS*

    I can’t wait to see Sugar done and Maggie, too! Of course I love watching you change your mind about colors and fabrics and charts… *giggles*

    I’m with you on rounds of good health for everyone.

    Happy 2008 to you and lots of hugs!!

  2. ((((HUGS)))) sweetie..just in case I have ever missed and you can never have enough

    Ummmm, Sugar Magnolia..a much awaited finish. Am loving watching her grow, same with Maggie

    Stash collecting is an awesome hobby. allows us to change our mind as quick as the weather

    A healthier New Year is definately on the card for you and the rest of us that need it


  3. It’s easy to be fickle with crafty things–there are so many wonderful projects out there vying for our attention 😉

    I, for one, appreciate everything you do at the BB. You go above and beyond all the time and it wouldn’t be the same over there without you–that’s for sure. So Thank You for all of it.

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  4. Fudgey, part of your charm for me, is the way you flit from project to project like a butterfly (or should I say Dragonfly – thank you for the ecard). Everything you settle on is so pretty and inspiring. Goal setting and resolutions wouldn’t fit your lovely free nature. Don’t ever change. Here’s hoping I said that right and haven’t insulted you!! Look forward to seeing your new to stitch list. You have opened my eyes to some beautiful artwork in the last year or so.

    Wishing you a wonderful new year full of inspiration and joy. Hugs!

  5. pethairxstitcher

    for all those who can not or forget to say it…”Thank you for being so wonderful to us all” and “Thank you for your warmth and teaching skills”(your fudgeses in particular is my fav.) and “Thank you for being you”
    As for me, i wish you health above all, lots of laughter and a few finishes! –and some green too (wink)
    what ever you do do, it will be wonderful and we will love it!

  6. May this be the happiest, healthiest, and funnest year ever for you Faery Queen Fudgey. that goes for everyone else as well. you help and guide us thru that maze of new charts, new art and yummy samplers. Thank You!! ignore those who leave out thank yous. But please remember you have a big crowd of us who truly appreciate everything you do for us.

  7. A very happy new year to you too! And a healthy one 🙂

    Keep the fickle nature when it comes to stitching – you make us smile and I love all your starts! And besides – you will have some finishes and as long as you’re enjoying yourself… 🙂

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