just a quick pic…

i spent 2 days testing colours on fab before making a decision and ultimately completeing page one of the 2008 Mystery quaker ( martina dey)

so my first post of the year is my page 1 completion… shocking picture the fab does not scan well and that makes the blue look off IMO

stitched 1×1 on 40 ct lakeside linen in cornsilk using the mermaid blue series from HDF



6 responses to “just a quick pic…

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Love how the Lakeside linen stitched up…I never paid all that much attention before but now…..wow! and such delicate stitches too!
    the blues are looking good and i know atleast one person who will swoon when she sees this and will need these blues and they are mermaid blue too!

  2. Looking good. You pick the most beautiful colours for your stitching. I look forward to seeing more progress on this.

  3. Love those blues! A beautiful start to the new year.

  4. Those blues are absolutely yummy!!!! really like the first design released too. as always, gorgeous stitches.

  5. OH WOW!!!!! I love the blue colour combination, I can’t wait to get the next installment

  6. What a lovely start. Love those blues.

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