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well after about 10 scans i think i have one reasonable picture to share..
first i could not get it even vaguely straight, then fudgey pulled it out as it was scanning ( we have had behavioural issues in the last 5 days whilst paul has been away… norty kitty attention seeking clingy stuff… poor babies)
so then i tried a different dierection , except being me, i scanned the back instead of the front, saved it not realising, closed down the scanner loaded upthe pic to edit it and … aargghhh
so back to the drawing board, then i could not get it lined up again… sigh…
so firstly for a laugh the back of my sampler


and now the front

i will stitch the J, M and B in heartbreak ( the darkest mermaid blue) and the rest in a paler blue

i ordered a new chart today from thistle threads , well that is the designer the shop was a NZ one called the stitchers closet and the owner is a treasure, she is trying to hunt downsome more of the charts for me which are as rare as hens teeth
oh the chart.. Tiny Inspirations  i know at least 2 stitchers who will love that one…

oh and check out Kerry’s new releases for January.. i love the theme release this month and especially like the Caro Covey one .. it is really unique and sad Carved in Stone
and the other is by Draper called Study of Florrie

back to model stitching i have had my annual leave.. lol


6 responses to “Page 2

  1. *swoons* Those blues are amazing! Yummmmm!!

    Your stitching is, as always, perfect!

  2. the blues and your stitching looks amazing..your back is very neat and doesn’t look messy at all! Like the tiny Inspirations chart..very nice! 🙂 hugs

  3. pethairxstitcher

    sigh…such lovely blues!

  4. Very pretty indeed!!

    Tiny Inspirations is gorgeous!! Argh – I can feel my plans to be a good girl starting to crumble…

  5. Love those blues, they are gorgeous. your colors always look soooooo pretty. as for the back of your stitching, way neat. like what you’re doing a looooooooooottttttt!!!
    Tiny Inspirations! Whine………..

  6. Very pretty blues. And that back is very neat! Lovely work on the front too as always 🙂

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