thought i should post….

lest you thought i had wandered off into the mist again…

i have a few pics to share, i made a BOURSE… yep how amazing is that i did finishing skills on something instead of shoving it in a box.. true it was a gift for someone and i thought shoving the unfinished xstitch into her hand might have been a wee tad inappropriate

anyways i turned the sampler i did late last year , the one which ended up being pretty much my own design which was stitched 1×1 on 28 ct jazlyn in hdf Oxblood regular siolk


into this bourse, sorry for the awful pics, paul and i do not do camera stuff well
bourse 1

bourse 2

and if you need the instructions they are HERE

a stitchers tip.. do not use jazlyn if you want to do a finish which requires sewing.. yet another reason i do not like it and will never use it again is that i frays awfully , i had to pull out my machine and do three step zigzag to hold the seams … paul nearly passed out when he saw me on the machine .. i think he thought i had sold it i use it so rarely, preferring hand sewing

so any future bourse will be done on linen

i know i owe more pics than this… but i just can’t be bothered scanning.. how slack is that

6 responses to “thought i should post….

  1. It’s very pretty! I love the colors and the resulting finishing is lovely! You must’ve had a freaky piece of jazlyn as I’ve not had any of mine fray. Usually it’s my linen that goes all crazy on me. But a minute or so on the sewing machine in zigzag mode whips that into shape.

    I wish I had finishing karma… *pouts*

    Hugs and smoochies!

  2. Love it! Congratulations on such a lovely finish. I’m sure your friend was stoked!

  3. Beautiful bourse. I like doing these as these as they are so much easier than you think:)

  4. Ooh pretty! I love all the colours and it looks great!
    Looking at it makes me want to take time to do some more stuff myself.

  5. Beautiful Fudgey. never attempted doing one of these cos it looks so difficult. will check out the site you referenced.

  6. Hi there, do you mind if I use your photo for the Focus on Finishing Blog for this bourse? I’m trying to get the blog back up and running more regularly again, and thought a few finished items using the tutorials would be good eye candy. Just drop me am email to to say it’s OK, or if you’d prefer I don’t use the photo. Thanks and regards, Anne S šŸ™‚

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