picture updates

here are the latest in my updates..

not really a lot done on any of them given how long it has been between drinks, i just do not seem to be able to get my act together atm…
first my next pathetic update on Lady in the meadow who is 1×1 on 28 ct jobelan


the colour is a bit strange this time… worried about my scanner…
next up is Sugar magnolia i really did very little of her last week i am ashamed to say about 300-400 stitches if that i did have to unpick 2 sections i had stitched and redo them, one of them three times before i could count accurately  1×1 on 32 ct carol’s garden jobelan from silkweaver


next is my woeful start on Porthole mermaid, i decided to start inthe hardest section.. who know why… mild insanity i think.. or maybe rampant insanity is more accurate
colours are nice, but at this rate i will not see face until 2010! 1×1 on 32 ct jobelan solo from silkweaver


incase you can no figure it out tis her tail on the left hand side not a mutant angel fish ( you KNOW who thought that don’t you)

finally my Mystery sampler page 4 , another exercise in frogging.. frogging 1×1 on 40 ct is not reccomended .. i will be away this next weekend so i will get behind!! oh NO!!!!


if youwant a bigger pic  click HERE
i also have another pic of i give you five hearts, but i have not scanned that yet, i hate the scanning thing so 4 was my maximum, i will aim for an update later this week

I am working on my CC model this week so there will be no pics of stitching other than samplers for a few weeks

i am now fighting with myself to stitch a little heart from another amap chart a special fairy sent me.. A bleu au Couer  and a little secret there is another smaller blue heart inside

my list of amaps grew too not diminshed.. sigh

lots of fairys have been sending me pressies but as usual my thanks have been private as have the gifts..

hugs fairys


8 responses to “picture updates

  1. They look fabulous. I really love Sugar Magnolia. Love the blues in your Mystery sampler.

  2. They all look fantastic! Sugar is just beautiful

  3. Love the pics! Came in here just before I headed home (still no internet at home 😦 ) but wasn’t expecting to see all these lovelies – nice surprise 🙂 You have done some great stitching and looking at it makes me want to take some of mine out tonight when I get home

  4. Quick question: is Lady of the Meadow the QS or the full piece – she is so beautiful!

    I love Sugar’s little snub nose.

  5. pethairxstitcher

    Seems as if you have gotten more done than you admit, I can see the progress and that fishy tail is such a lovely melody of blues….from what I can see, you are in a blue phase (grin)
    Hope this week goes better for you in all ways! {hugs}

  6. Looks like gobs of stitching to me! All those gorgeous blues! I didn’t see a mutant angel fish until you mentioned it… now I can’t see it as anything else. Thanks! *sticks out her tongue*

    Sugar is looking so pretty… all those light colors!

    Have a better week! *hugs*

  7. Looks like you’ve gotten a lot done. love all your projects. lots of beautiful blues. hope you have a good weekend off. hugs

  8. Fudgey..love all your “pretties” and you have gotten loads done in my opinion! Your stitching is so perfect! Hope you are enjoying a nice camping trip. (I am behind on my Quaker, but trying to catch up with the rest of you that have been posting your very pretty wips on yahoo site. I am on page 2 (almost done) and loving the Baneberry Bright! it is yummy!) Take care! {{{HUGS}}}

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