wot i did on my holiday

i stitched….

yep sat in the camp site avoiding the sun whilst paul played golf and i stitched ..i also traipsed around miles of sand dunes called the Henty Dunes  ( hope the link works) for hours on my little short legs sinking into millions of years of sand.. but mainly i stitched

i used my HDF paua Abalone single strand silk and aquamarine 2437  ( would have preferred the next shade down , but that is what i had) and white 34 ct legacy linen and i stitched a lovely sea themed mini sampler..

Bonne Peche by Isa Vautier

bonne peche

then when i finished that i did some more of my I give you five hearts by Amap
( 1×1 on 36 ct magnolia linen using suepurpleous HDF) sorry tis lopsided

amap hearts

13 responses to “wot i did on my holiday

  1. Such beautiful neat stitching – love them both!

  2. Such bright pretty colors and what a gorgeous place to be walking! Where can I sign up for a holiday like that?

    Welcome back! *hugs*

  3. Both of these are gorgeous, I hadn’t seen that one by Isa Vautier before-I feel enabled-LOL

  4. Sounds like you had a great break!
    Love the seaside sampler – very pretty indeed! I might have to add some of that Paua Abalone to my Sea Stars.

  5. The seaside sampler is so pretty, I have some Paua Abalone in my stash. I’m glad I ordered it. Your hearts are so lovely, it looks wonderful on the magnolia. I just got some more magnolia in 40ct. into my stash. As far as your hike goes…that is awesome. Image standing at the tip of something with nothing between you and South America. Cool! I’m glad your back tho, I missed you. hugs.

  6. Both are fabulous as always. Sounds like you had a great time.

  7. Both pieces are beautiful! I love the purple that you are using for the AMAP piece 🙂

  8. your home, your home!!
    *hugs* welcome back.
    Love your little seahorsey 😀 and well su-purple-ous is just mmmmmmm almost makes me like hearts hehe

  9. i love the seahorse and those yummy blues. as for the 5 hearts and suepurplous….whine……..
    Henty Dunes………beam me up Scotty!!! i want to play too!
    so glad you had a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend.

  10. pethairxstitcher

    finally I get to play on the computer again and find such a wonderful update from you! What joy, I love walking and exploring nature trails and this one looks so peaceful and promising in the discovery department. I bet it did you a world of good to get away!
    I adore that seahorse…(grumble…yet another chart I may need) but it is perfect for stitching by the sea…and the colour is spot on! Love what you have done with 5 hearts too!

  11. Welcome back. Glad you had a good holiday. Those dunes look lovely. I’m a big fan of slightly bleak looking landscapes, actually I’m a fan of totally bleak looking landscapes too 😉
    Your stitching is beautiful as always. Both of those colours are too delicious.

  12. Looks and sounds like you had a fun, relaxing time on your holiday..(got lots of stitching in..and they are lovely!) HUGS..


  13. P.S. If you read my blog and wonder about the last paragraph in the ‘You Make my Day’ post – yes, it’s you! 😀

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