just to reassure you all

Thought i had better let you all know i am still alive..

i stitched CC model last week and then had another weekend of no stitching , hence the no picture thing..

and i am a relatively boring person if not stitching so don’t have anything else to write about.. lol
i am starting to have grave fears for my mystery sampler.,.. 2 weekends in a  row i have not stitched cos of lost weekends, and now i also miss a big chunk of this weekend and i can see myself being three pages behind , and if i do not keep pace i am not sure i will stick with it..

i hope i can find a way to whizz through a few pages… the following weekend..

no i can not slot in mornings etc each weekday as i have a new model, a sampler that i am doing 3 mornings a week instead of personal stitching

sigh… i need to go live in a hotel and have people take care of my every need, clean for me, feed me etc so i can just stitch, and walk and go to the gym


5 responses to “just to reassure you all

  1. Sorry you’re not getting your mystery sampler done but can hardly wait to see pics of your sampler model. i’ve been in a funk lately (don’t know why) and haven’t gotten a whole lot of anything done. Soooooo you put me to shame!!
    ps i love the hotel idea, maybe a hotel suite would even be better! lol

  2. Did you ever read the “Eloise” picture books as a child? she lives in the great hotels of the world. I need to go live in a hotel as well, no airconditioning in the Villa Maylandia and it’s been awfully humid of late. I honestly don’t know how I have been managing to stitch at all. ((hugs))

  3. Ooh, a model sampler. Is it one that we are allowed to see progress on, or a secret one?
    I like the idea of living in a hotel. But I do like cooking so eventually I would have enough of it. Might take a while though 😉

  4. pethairxstitcher

    hmmmm…did some one say sleeping was an option? You could always have one of those vivid colour dreams and work on the sampler then???? (yup i know, i am no help)
    BUT…you never know what may happen and then you are such a smart girl and fast too!

  5. Not to fret about being behind, I’m still on page 3, lol. I picked back up my haed…..no not head, no jokes please. lol. (I’m constantly losing my head actually) and I cant put her down, she is demanding to have another eye. Keep the faith my friend. The idea of a hotel suite would be quite suitable I think. Take care of your self and get better. (((hugs)))

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