fudgey did a bad thing

 ** edited to change the link to show which thistle thread charts i bought **

well it wasn’t MY fault..

How was i to know that Sheryl at the Stitching Closet was going to be so amazingly successful and find all but one of the charts i had asked her about from Thistle Threads
i thought maybe if i was lucky she would find say 1-2 of the ones i had sent her on a quest to find.. but NO she found FOUR of them..
i should have only bought 2.. well one really but ….
i bought three… and sat arguing with myself for about 10 minutes on the fourth
So thankyou Sheryl, you are a wonder at hunting down charts… my savings however are not impressed with you lol
fyi i bought the double running stitch etui, the fob collection and the gift is small slipper
off this page.. 


i WON something!!
Periphaeria had a little contest attached to signing up for the newsletter.. and the randomiser, that i use for the head board etc.. obviously remembered me lol.. it picked my name out as the winner!! yes me i win NOTHING ever … so i had th check with her that i t was not a joke or error..
so anyway i won her 8 new designs… yep , how cool is that they are all shown here..

Whats New at Periphaeria  and whilst you are there check the sample charts section as she has a lovely anniversary freebie
also check my last blog entry at the end if you want to join an awesome bi monthly mystery Spanish style sampler yep only one band every 2 months.. i am sure we can all manage that!
just to reassure everyone i am stitching..

i managed to catch up a bit on my mystery sampler and i am going to really go for it and try and fully catch up this weekend.. i suspect i will fall slightly short , but who knows.. i also have done a chunk of my sampler model and hopefully martina will give the ok in the next week to post what i have done, And i am working away on Lady in a Meadow and should post a pic in the next 2 days..

edited to add… oops i forgot to say… Kerry is back from her well deserved holiday and she has a lovely Fine Art chaart which i suspect is close to her heart given her love of books Reading A Book by Ernst  and another Pamela Matthews one which comes in normal or Deluxe size.. i have linked Deluxe… Reconcilliation of the Sexes  i would post pamela’s website as i love her work and have two on my i hope will be charted list , but i can not find a working website fo her anymore.. pout


5 responses to “fudgey did a bad thing

  1. Congratulations on winning the Periphaeria contest! There are some lovely designs there 🙂

    I keep trying to catch up on my Mystery Sampler but I keep getting visited by the Frog King!! I need to go and finish ripping out what I stitched this afternoon *sigh*. Think I might go and start Spanish Rouge instead – lol!

  2. Don’t feel bad-there are lots more of us doing a bad bad thing-namely me. So you are fortunate soul that won those fantastic designs! Congratulations!

  3. Lucky you and well deserved too! so congratulations on a win, that is a real landfall!
    I had a lot of catch up reading to do, looked at all the new realeases (thanks to you) and our tastes run hand in hand, the only other one that has me drooling big time is one sampler by jan Houtman “Flower Bouquet In Green”..jaw dropper! The trees too are calling….I should know by now and stay away from your links, they are deadly (giggle)
    As for your spending spree…it is not fattening so enjoy…guilt free!

  4. Fudgey you always find something i like. that etui is beautiful. keep getting drawn into the samplers these days.
    So happy for you on your charts win!! but you probably know that by now. lol!
    i’m with Sonya on the Trees Sampler and the Jan Houtman sampler. uh oh, also gotta get the Purrfect Bookmark you’re doing too. it’s just too cute to pass up.
    Can hardly wait to see your Martina model and the Lady too as i love that chart, and have it but it’s greatly neglected.
    have fun with all those new charts.

  5. Ooh, a Martina model. Looking forward to seeing that one. Your others too of course 😉
    Glad you had fun with the shopping even if your savings didn’t have as much fun as you did 🙂

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