goodness a stitching picture!!

were you starting to think i had taken up stashing fulltime and stopped stitching??

my aim is three pics this week.. maybe four..
first one is today and it is my mystery quaker sampler.. i still have not caught up but i am less than a page behind now , technically , and given i missed three weeks i think that is an achievement !
you wil notice a cicular motif with a blank middle,there is meant to be a flower there
but every instinct in my body is saying use a left of centre different colour… just can not work out what that colour is.. i played around with the yellows i had and went … nup after a while. Paul is all for Pink or red. I think red is too jarring with that series of blues and a yellow background, but pink has possibilities if i can finfd the right one..
what do people think, am i barking mad and should just do a blue  or can you see my weird abstract vision?
in case you are not familiar with my quaker it is 1×1 on 40 ct LL linen in cornsilk using HDF ( vikki clayton) silks regular 1×1

if you want a bigger pic … go HERE

next pic will be of Lady in a meadow mid week i suspect..

10 responses to “goodness a stitching picture!!

  1. love your sampler. those colors are so yummy. i like your idea of using a pink flower in the circle. maybe a rose color would work.
    looking forward to pic of lady.

  2. Well, I’d say blue. It just…fits.

    But then I like thing to be ‘matchy’

    It’s beautiful, by the way 🙂

  3. Oh yummm… I love love LOVE those blues! *leans back, gawks and swoons* Some of those motifs are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t believe you’re doing 1×1 on 40 count LL linen to boot! You’re amazing!

    How about a salmon for the flower?


  4. Looks fabulous as always. Can’t wait to see what color you decide on for the flower.

  5. Your sampler is lovely. I love the blue’s.

  6. It’s just gorgeous my dear! I’m going to be no help at all I’m afraid. I do know whatever you do pick will be lovely.

  7. i love it….and I’m thinking maybe some kind of lilac or periwinkle so it blends in with the blues….but….who am I? LOL

  8. Love what you have managed to do so far…you are amazing.
    As for your flower, I would say that if you go the pink route, stay with pink in the blue tones but I do like the idea of a lavender shade. we all seem to have diferent ideas so you will just have to do what you think is right, your taste is always right on!

  9. Purple! Or a blue that is so close to purple it’s almost purple. Of course, purple covers a lot of room. Hmm, seems like Gayle and Sonya have similar ideas. Must mean we are ALL crazy 😉

  10. Love your sampler, fudgey..It looks lovely! (I am behind on mine a couple pages also, but trying to get caught up!) I vote also for a bluish type pink or lavendar blue for the flower! whatever you deicde on, I am sure it will do have a knack for color! hugs

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