So i was looking at the third february basket at Shakespeare Peddler , she rarely has to do this many updates in a month.. there has been soo much released it has been hard to keep track i must say.
anyway ( i digressed slightly there) and i saw things……
now you need to scroll a bit.. scroll past the Little House needlework pieces..
keep scrolling past La d da…
keep scrolling past red dog stitches ( giggle)
keep scrolling past quakervirtues..bygone stitches…yummmmm
keep scrolling.. don’t stop yet
keep scrolling past primitive stitches and JBW… yummmm
tired yet?
scroll a little bit more
and you will see some graceful bamboo by The Caron Collection…
now silk gauze stitchers.. LOOK dragonflies , they look sooo pretty ( ok so most of you are probably going… well what a waste of time .. but i loooove dragonflies)
and then the hearts.. imagine them with a different silk over dyed for each heart… so much fun and smile worthy stitching , just a bit further and there is also a cat for the Caron Collection which is funky ..
i went researching and found some international sites with the charts , but i was unsure about ordering i get lost in the languages sometimes and as much as i like Shakespeares Peddler i prefer paypal for international ordering so i am sitting on these treasures for a while( well not literally or i would have them already lol) whilst i think about it


4 responses to “yummmm

  1. Those hearts are special with different designs to work and multiple colors, good thought. and as a quaker lover …. sigh. however love the Purrfect Love, Cattitude and a Cat today. so whimsical and cute. saw most of these at Stitchesnthings newsletter too. have to add this site to favs. thanks for links. so which ones are you gonna give in and get???

  2. I love Teresa’s baskets – such good piccies and she tells you what each one uses too so you can order it all at once 🙂 Lots of stuff I could order there – I really like the Sam Sarah monthly things but what would you do with them? And the buttons make them too expensive really. Cute though!

  3. pethairxstitcher

    Caron’s kitty is sigh worthy for me……sighhhhhhhhhhhh!
    So many lovely things to oogle 🙂

  4. I, too, saw way too many things I would love to get! lots of pretties!

    Judy in las Vegas

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