mystery quaker 2008 some more progress

just a quick update , i intended this to be done a lot earlier today , but life got away from me big time…
i had to make my birds really blue, i could not help myself, i think i am going to go one of the rose quartz colours for my flower which is not there.. jenifer suggested rose quartz , aswell and as it was on my short list i figure i will experiment with rose quartz

 1×1 40 count cornsilk linen( lakeside linen) hdf mermaid blues silks


if you want a bigger pic, go HERE

 i am stitching my CC model atm so not sure what pic i will be posting next…


7 responses to “mystery quaker 2008 some more progress

  1. Oh JM!!! That is gorgeous!!! LOVE the blues!

  2. *swoooons* I love those blues… don’t be making me change my mind for the Spanish Mystery… nononono! But those blues are sooooo pretty!

  3. you know how i love those blues. it’s gorgeous and i love the idea of rose quartz flowers.

  4. Looks fab as always.

  5. Blues, beautivul blues…so serene.

  6. Beautiful!

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