Serenity Sampler Model

ok so i am posting 2 samplers in 2 days..
when i first decided i wanted to model stitch it was actually samplers i wanted to do..
so even though i was booked up for models , when Martina Dey asked me to stitch for her i had to say yes..
i have stopped personal haed stitching and am only doing the haed model atm so i can do this one

And this is what i am working on for her
it is her Serenity Sampler stitched in a HDF silks conversion 1×1 on 35  ct cream Weddigen linen
I am loving stitching on the linen, it is a little firmer than i am used to , but  that is actually good for a sampler  i have decided , and the holes are a good size
serenity sampler

HERE is a link if you would like a bigger picture

it will end up looking something like this… Serenity Sampler


5 responses to “Serenity Sampler Model

  1. At last!!!! i love it. surprise, surprise. fudgey it’s beautiful. love the colors, some of my favorites. as for the chart…… whine…………….

  2. Oh wow Fudgey, I’m so jealous! I love this sampler, think it’s my favourite even though I don’t have it in my stash yet. So happy to see you’re stitching it as a model for Martina, can’t wait to see it grow.

  3. I knew it…model stitching a sampler! good for you and i bet it is loads of fun. I will miss sweet little Magnolia but she has patience.
    The colour conversion in silks is just perfect!

  4. It’s gorgeous! Love the colours too. What a great change for your model stitching – hope you’re having fun with it 🙂

  5. Great work. So if this and the HAED model are the only models you are doing, does that mean the CC one is finished? And were you really quiet about a HD?

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