I made something !!!

it is pretty rare for me to make something in a day anymore , given my predeliction for
1×1 stitching of big charts on 30 plus count fabs, but i was motivated enough the other day to make my purr-fect bookmark kit up from The Cats Whiskers/DinkyDyes as i wanted a gift for a friend.. a non stitchy friend for a change….
i will apologise in advance for the pictures. I have no idea what Paul was thinking, he took them after i went to take muffy for a walk, he then sent them to me from work. I asked him WHY he did not open the curtain instead of taking them in a poorly lit area of the lounge, i had set it up on the table by the window for a reason… sigh
when i asked he said, oh, didn’t think of that… double sigh

it was meant to be stitched 2×2 on 32 ct linen and i did 1×1 on 34 ct cream legacy linen ( my very fav linen this one) so it is tiny, but i like that .. lol and THIS time i used the LE  Silk provided by Dinky Dyes, i had forgotten how nicely DD’s stitch up… just wish they had a bit more sheen…
i will be sending it off to her today..
so… the sad dark dingey pics…

purrfectpurrfect 2

oh and lookout stitchy friends.. i have lots of skeins of HDF just purrrfect for this chart….


9 responses to “I made something !!!

  1. Fudgey, it turned out beautiful! love the added touch of the little bell. might steal your idea if you don’t mind. thanks for sharing it. it makes up into a lovely gift and i bet your friend will love it.

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Oh, now I have something to look forward to…Who can resist a kitty bookmark. Love your kitty…it is purrrrfect! grin.

  3. Great work! Don’t worry about the photos (they’re great besides being dark) and at least you got some 😉 I keep sending things off without taking photos, I think I have lost that part of my brain

  4. I like it even better over-one! Lovely finish!

  5. Oooh, that’s cute! I love the fact that the fob is so much smaller than that gorgeous tassel! 🙂

  6. It’s lovely! I like it tiny too! You did a great job. It’s adorable.

  7. That is adorable!!

  8. You stitch beautifully, Fudgey! I love how you did it over one….it gives it a very elegant touch.

  9. Love it, fudgey…it’s adorable! I think the pics look pretty good! It looks like a fun project! 🙂


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