my black doodle cloth…

i know a few people who read this know about my black doodle cloth , but not all , so i thought given i have nothing to share wip wise i would show you my doodle cloth..
i love the look of silks on black and i have been stitching various silks and mystery spool silks ( if you are a hdf fan you would know what mystery spools are) that i think would look really good on black
and it has grown into a black sampler of broken bits.. bits of motifs and the such like all randomly scattered on the black 30 ct evenweave linen from Passione Riccamo.. (thankyou vicky ).. i am actually starting to wish i had not cut the piece of fab in half and filled the whole thing
my favs so far would be the pastel rainbow, .. first pretty multicoloured broken square motif, and the dragon hoard motif which is the darker multi coloured one above the stunning suepurplous one ( my very fav)
it has been fun so far and i know it will continue to be fun ntil i run out of space..
now i know some of you will go .. OMI God how awful is that  cos it is BRIGHT but i think it is so ugly it is pretty

doodle cloth

Kerry had her new releases today.. now paula sit down and breathe..
There were three new pieces from one of my fav artists Abranda Sisson…
including the stunning Kat  now if a chart ever screamed paula’s name that is the one.. isn’t he beautiful
i have also long loved Starfish .. there is something strong and intense about her i like
and the graceful and gentle Air Element
you also want to check out the website for the news page because there are links to samples and i have to say the magic Carpet sample is very impressive.. great charting kerry!
so i went to add the two i really want to my online wishlist , and decided to tidy up my sampler wishlist.. and i added more than i was able to delete AGAIN

a queation.,. does everyone elses wishlists get bigger rather than smaller! i know mine is feral atm… totally out of control.. lol well for starters it takes 4 posts to cover it all

and to finish.. My Mum jumped out ofa plane yesterday… 61 years old with cripling arthritis and a scary bulging disc in her lower back , but the opportunity presented it self so she grabbed it and went for it.. My BIL had bought my sister a jump for her 40th and then decided mum should join her ( he thought he was being smart.. last laugh was on him as it was something she has always dreamed of doing)
and she says it was absolutely awesome and she loved every minute of it..


( i have had no feedback from my sister as to her views on the experience yet…)..


14 responses to “my black doodle cloth…

  1. Go your mum!!!!!

    I think my favourite on your doodle cloth is the blue and green and pink one beside the dragonfly.

    That is such a cool idea. I love it and may have to consider doing something similar. What a great way to try out hand-dyed threads.

  2. I think your doodle cloth is pretty cool and fun too!

  3. I love your doodle cloth! It’s pretty… and so practical, too.

    Your Mum is amazing! I am so glad that she had fun!

    Now, about that winged white tiger… *swooooooooon* Where can I get one of those as a pet? I love love LOVE that kitty! Lookit those paws!

  4. Love your doodle cloth. I looked at Kerry’s new releases and quickly closed the website. Starfish was calling my name.

  5. Love your doodle cloth. There are some really great colours there, and boy do they pop on that black.

    Uhoh, Kat’s been released. I have a print of this one as it is my favourite of her work.

    I’m impressed by your mum too. You won’t catch me jumping out of a plane

  6. What an awesome idea to try out colours. Love it but .. a dragonfly with only one wing is in the same league as a face with one eye 🙂
    so cool you Mum enjoyed her jump.
    Love Kat ..Ummm, can see I am going to have to do a CC. I have had my eye on Aquarius for a couple of years!

  7. Nic, I totally agree! You would never, ever, ever, ever, ever catch me jumping out of a plane. I’m impressed by anyone who does it, but at 61 with arthritis that earns even more of my respect.

  8. Nic… you need kat…
    truly you do if you have the print, how can you leave this cute angel kitty chart out of your stash??
    and Sue… you need him too i mean … you are a kitty girl as well and this one has such a smoochy face and those lovely angel wings…

  9. Wow! so much going on! Your Mum!!! what a woman!! tell her she rocks!
    Kat…………whine………….you know me too well!!!
    Love, love, love your black doodle cloth!!! what a great idea!! love everything you have on it. that suepurplous absolutely glows on it. now you have me thinking Rainforest just when i had a plan… hmmmm…

  10. Go JM’s Mom!!!! WOO HOO!
    Love, love, love your doodles! What a terrific idea! And so in keeping with your unfinished flow, one eye, etc. It’s so YOU! HUGS!

  11. So pretty! I do rather like the idea of a doodle cloth.

    I’m so proud of your Mum! What an adventurous thing to do!

  12. pethairxstitcher

    what a couragous mother! she has a lot of life in her, tell her I am proud of her!
    Now…I have put on my sun glasses to look at that original sampler of yours…great idea and i bet in the end you will have requests for the pattern 😉 Poor little dragon fly, it can not even get off the ground with one wing.
    Kat is so very original…I understand why Sue and Paula needed it asap- giggle.

  13. Seriously, you need to finish those poor little motifs off!!!! The poor bug… LOL

  14. I love the effect of the silks on the black cloth.

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