oops i forgot to blog… bad bad fudgey

so now i know , having the haed blog to do and the Diva blog i am not keeping track of my posts properly..


i am still alive.. just in case some where starting to wonder
i have been stitching.. mind you i also had 4 days off whilst i went camping so i have not stitched that much, below is my Lady in a meadow.. i have stitched , black, 3371, 938, 898, 3031 until i am over dark colours , so i am playing with silks again witha norty new start!!  and moving onto my Sampler model for the rest of the week…


this second picture is of my new start..

it is a Caron Collection chart called My Hearts a design of 30 different hearts in 5 rows of 6 ( i think) , plus there is a blank heart for my own designs if i want..

my aim is to do five extra of my own with my name, the date done, and a few of my own swirly whirlies..

each one a different random hdf regular silk.. it is being stitched on 34 ct white legacy linen …. only cos my 2 pieces of the yummy devonshire cream colour were not wide enough..

the first two to star are Carries passionfruit ( a LE colour not available in skeins yet) and the yummy new Blueberry soup


the chart can be ordered form Shakespeare’s Peddler


5 responses to “oops i forgot to blog… bad bad fudgey

  1. Oh wow! Blueberry Soup looks fantastic and I love that Hearts chart! *squeaks*

    The depth of Lady in the Meadow is amazing… her gown looks so rich… now if only she didn’t look like a doll who needed her eye mended…

  2. Love your Lady! she’s really coming along nicely too! as for that Blueberyy… yummmmmmmmmm!!! looks great for that heart. looking forward to seeing your designs.

  3. Hey sweetie *waves*. It’s been so long since I’ve stopped to take a breath and wander over, I’ve missed so much of your gorgeous stitching!! It’s all so beautiful! That heart sampler is going to be adorable when its finished. And regardless of how fantastic the linen is, it still blows my mind that you can stitch on such high counts over one.

  4. These hearts are so cute !

  5. Oh Fudgey! Both WIPS look wonderful! Lovely silk thread on the second one.

    Hugs, darling! Java

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