a silk update

I was going to participate in the retired artists SAl this weekend, but my silks grabbed me and would not let go!

so below is are the updates on my Serenity Model and my black Doodle cloth, in the next few days i will post my hearts as well.. i just need to finish off the one i am stitching.
you can tell it is football season again i stitched a lot on the weekend!

The new additions to my doodle cloth are foolsgold examplar, ( the orange one in the middle ) Blueberry soup , which someone on the hdf BB asked me to stitch, the unfinished peacock at the bottom is a LE spool forum only colour called Sour cherry soup.. i wish i had ordered a spool of it , someone sent me a bit to test stitch and it is not enough left for a heart on my hearts sampler.. pout.. and the pretty pink/grey shell like bit of a motif at the top is the delicious Huckleberry…


next is serenity and the specs if you have forgotten are Martina dey chart, 1×1 on 35ct Weddigen linen using HDF regular silks conversion

i am loving My serenity Model.. and the more i stitch it , the more i can not wait for Janine to get in my Primera chart in .. though i am going nutty deciding what colour to stitch it..

i think i will need 2 spoools of whatever silk if i go a monochrome/variegated
and i thought i wanted to do Blueberry Soup ( the blue heart on my hearts sampler) but i am not so sure now..

I have also fallen in love with this butterfly chart..  Envol Ephemere by the wonderful designer Isa Vautier ( i want about 20 of her charts.. wish they were more readily available ) i have not ordered it yet I AM trying to be good lol.. but i did start and successfully find enough people to get my own variegated pink silk dyed ( you need  5 spoools of a LE colour pordered for vikki to dye it .. bless her)
with this chart in mind so i might have to order it soon lol..the pic is  a simulated what my variegated silk will look like it is from the conch horn pink series and is very girly

silk colour


5 responses to “a silk update

  1. Oh yep, I can see your dilema with that Primer chart (lol). Good luck on choosing a thread, that’s going to be tough. I think it’s one of her best charts too.

  2. Your doodle cloth just glows! So pretty.

  3. Your stitching looks lovely fudgey. I love your doodle cloth. I’m really digging the blueberry soup. I have a couple of spools I cant wait to use for something, not sure yet tho.

  4. The blueberry soup is gorgeous! love what you’ve accomplished on your Martina Sampler. it’s gonna be a fabulous finish. and the doodle cloth is really turning out to be a beautiful sampler itself. the colors really “shine” on the black.

  5. I love seeing both those samplers!!! This is the ultimate eye candy. =)

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