paula asked for some stitchy pictures…

so i thought i had better post one..

I do not have much to show as i just worked on My CC model for 7 days so i can’t share my main stitching focus pic..
i can however share my My Hearts piece.. i had a grungy day on friday so i treated mself to a hearts binge, and stitched 4 hearts
I decided to look through all my old HDF colours , the discontinued ones as there had been a discussion on the HDF board about Rosebush.. and i thought…oooooo that would look nice on my sampler, so it will be a new and old combo sampler , as i found pretties such as caribbean splash , summer sky, rose blush, peach melba, creamsicle and various others…
and i have to admit this picture i am posting is not up to date anymore as a heart in yonder sky and half a heart in raspberry creme ( discontinued colour) accidentally got stitched last night when i decided to stop sttiching the model about 9.30 ..
so they wil appear in the next update pic


so top row is..
caries passionfruit (LE spool colour) Blueberry soup, the delicious Orb, Rosebush ( discontinued)
second row
Caribbean Eve, Golden Nectarine, Summer Sky ( discontinued)
third row
half kailslaw, half winterberried

the little bit of blue is the start of my yonder sky heart.. but then i moved it to the third row …
decided it would be happier next to the split colour heart

Orb is so pretty, i am waiting on a skein of it so i can stitch it on my black doodle cloth .. the piece i had was from a discontinued tag i bought from vikki ( every order i get 10 discontinued tags for 25 cents.. they willbe perfect for a mini spot sampler at some point)
Next in my rotation is two days of Serenity Sampler , then back to Lady in the Meadow .. iwill do these two until next friday witha brief stint on my hearts and black doodle cloths..
well that is the plan lol.. and we all know how much i suck at stitching plans

i also have a new stitching frame..
i wanted a little one i could travel with so i could stitch in the car and at mums.
I have another of my six hours each way trips to hobart next thursday and it would be so much easier to stitch if i had a lap frame.. so i got one of these with both  the 8 inch and 10 inch hoops, it is nothing flash, but i just tested sitting on it etc and it seems like it will do the job i want it to.. My hand can not hold a frame or fabric for any length of time with out hurting like **** so this will do fine for the car.. The Stitching Post was out of stock ( and i wanted it for next week)  so i did get mine from Sew and sew and once again i must marvel at their service i ordered it last monday and i had it delivered today ( monday) and that is from the UK and postage is not expensive.. ridiculously cheap given the speed.

one more thing.. Vikki dyed my girly pink silk .. here is the picture.. i am very happy with how it turned out..

the details are in the last post i did
vikki did a mass of dyeing over the weekend.. there are sublime new colours coming out…


6 responses to “paula asked for some stitchy pictures…

  1. Very cool Fudgey, I love your updates 🙂

    The hearts look lovely and you are bordering on enabling me there… it looks like so much fun to stitch in all different colours. I think I’ll have some left over from my tranquility kit (I got the silks pack for over 2 and then stitched it over 1) so if I get around to finishing that, I could use those threads up.

    That frame is so cool! There’s a part of me that’s thinking it would be a very very good idea, even though I’m not terribly fond of hoops, because I’m always ending up somewhere for the day or whatever and a small frame I could sit on would be cool. Does it come apart at all?

    Happy stitching and say hello to the possums in Tasmania for me.


  2. Fudgey, that’s the lap frame I was thinking of when you asked about them, but at the time I couldn’t find it on sew and so’s site – obviously I was having a blind or idiot moment (most likely a blind idiot moment). Please let me know what stitching with it is like as I’m thinking of getting one to use until I get around to investing in a stand.

    Your hearts are coming along lovely. It must be fun to be playing with lots of different colours of silk. So if you stopped stitching your model at 9:30 last night, how late were you up stitching hearts?

  3. So pretty!! I love the Orb colour. Will have to add it to my next HDF order.

    I’ve got one of those frames. I inherited it from my mum – I have to admit I only get it out when I have french knots to do so I have an extra hand (My french knots are tricky buggers and I need the other hand to get them to behave! I’m sure I’m not the only one with that kind of trouble.)

  4. Oooo I am loving orb.. (and yes i know it is all girly but I can like girly things sometimes)

  5. thanks for posting some new pics Fudgey!! love your hearts sampler. and here’s another vote for Orb. every time i see your black doodle cloth i think how much fun it would be to do. i have some black monaco, don’t like stitching on monaco, so you know i really want to do one trying to behave and not have a new start cos of the Joan Marie and upcoming Ciro Marchetti stuff. i’m hopeless…… so maany wips just crying out and not getting any attention….

  6. I have been feasting on all your stitching! A delight for the eyes and the soul to see so many lovelies!
    congrats on the new frame, do let us know how it works out in the car… it looks a wonder!

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