general musings and a pic or two

a few things to write about today ..

firstly michele has relaunched her Haed Originals line and the first chart is a stunner French Filigree 
i fell in love immediately, the chances for personal interpretation are enormous…
i am stitching the model for her ( i just had to … sharon laughed at the time and is still laughing i know)
so Lady in the meadow will be only a once a month stitch as i will share my haed model stitching time between the two rather than take time from somewhere else.. but i still think she will be finished well before the end of the year ( i hope)
i will post pics of my wip tomorrow or the next day , here is how take one went.. we tried using OMG Red 1153 as that was the only red i had in my stash which i had enough of , and whilst i love it , and its dark gothic type look it was a bit too dramatic for michele so i did some test stitching and we came up with a new colour but here is the first attempt so you get an idea of the way it stitches up
french filigree take 1

is is stitched 1×1 on 35ct linen.. tomorrows picture will be a lot more

next up is a new picture of my black doodle cloth i added a number of new coloiurs since last time including my special conch horn colour i had created which is the little pink flower at the bottom next to the psychadellic pink yellw and orange caribbean splash

doodle cloth

next is a new chart i saw last night and promptly fell off my chair! and then emailled Janine at Colours Down Under to ask her if she would be getting the chart..
it is for a Patchwork Ball…. sonething i have made dozens of in my time.. but this is a Cross stitched patchwork ball!!! for which the possibilities would be endless.
Patchwork Garden Pincushion Ball
Janine said yes she would get it in.. hmmm the list of charts she is getting in for me is scary really.. apparently Primera should arrive in WA at the end of the week… ( i have a gift voucher from a fairy friend all ready to spend to purchase it )

Finally WELCOME BACK SONYA!!!!!!! i missed you


6 responses to “general musings and a pic or two

  1. Is that a full cross on 35ct? Wow…you’re talented! It’s going to be a stunner! Love the doodle cloth too…I love to see hand dyed fibers on black….they are so pretty! Hmmm…..methinks I need to rejoin my fiber clubs….

  2. What a fabulous patchwork ball! I’ve been immersed in new niece business and not really paying any attention to the news and this gets released. Looks like a fun stitch!

    Love looking at your doodle cloth it is so vibrant and pretty.

  3. Oh, that patchwork ball! I want that chart now…

    Fudgey, you are a wonderful enabler.

  4. your new filigree colors are a good choice. it’s goning to be beautiful when done.
    can’t help but wonder what a great chart your doodle cloth would make. hmmmmm……..
    love your patchwork ball chart choice.
    now again how about that doodle cloth chart possibility……
    i missed you too Sonya.

  5. pethairxstitcher

    I am in love with your doodle cloth…keep showing this to me and I may just ask to have it charted! (but with the dragonfly in one piece please…)
    I will be getting all my pictures loaded up online and will send you the link once it is done…lots of pretty pictures and I know you will love the mountains! (no…no mushrooms yet!)
    missed you too (huggles)

  6. pethairxstitcher

    Saw the new blog on HAED and had to let you know that the new colour combo for French filigree looks lovely.

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