i am alive..

… just in case anyone was wondering..

sorry i have been quiet, i was too busy running around doing the doctor thing every day (including the dreaded 10 hour round trip to the rheumatologist ) and then we did an impromptu trip to melbourne for 36 hours of football and it all came crashing down on me this week, i have been exhausted and i let the compter side of things drop a bit and went to the bat cave for a while and stitched.. when i get really tired my body basically shuts down.. other fibro sufferers would know what i mean and i add the dermatomyositis to it and .. well… i slow down a bit lol

But it meand there are pictures well a few.. i was bad and i owed my blog a picture of French Filigree i posted on the Haed BB and the HDF BB last week so here it is.. of course i have done more since the picture as michele has nominated this as my primary haed model for the next little while , so Lady in the Meadow is napping for a month until i have a big chunk done on this one
It is stitched on 35 ct linen with HDF in one of the enchanter rose series ( forgot the number sorry) and black, 1×1 of course

french filigree

the next picture is of My Hearts a Caron Collection chart which i bought from Shakespeare Peddler
i am somewhat addicred to this one and i am half way on it now, and need to get my act together and design some hearts of my own
it is stitched on 34 ct white legacy linen 1×1 with regular hdf silk in a myriad of current, limted edition and retired silks

my hearts

the colours from the top left on each row are

Carries Passionfruit ( LE ), Blueberry soup, Orb, Rosebush ( disc), Lighter version of new Velvet Masquerade
caribbean eve, golden nectarine, sumer sky (disc), lavender and rose, Nosegay series(LE)
Kailslaw/wintererried, yonder sky, rasberry creme ( disc) paua abalone, underbelly
blank, starting peach melba, Iris ( disc) Russian Sage, Pink Lemonade ( LE)

My Primera Chart is finally on its way to me, i ordered it today ..yay…

and a chart that caught my eye at the recent needle work show was a Sampler Cove design,
Kaleidoscope Flower so many posibilities, and i love its swirliness
i will also own this one day i am sure.. Virtuous Huswif ( cherished stitches)
and i sooo want this loittle dude, but not at that price! Squirrel scissors Fob i know rthe scissors come with it an dal the bits and pieces.. but.. actualy The Hearts Content has some awesome fob kits, i wish she would just sell them as charts


10 responses to “i am alive..

  1. Poor possum, I absolutely hate running around for doctors but if you heard any news at all it will have been worth it…football sounds like it was a nice treat and hope you got lots and lots of choccies in too! One needs a reward after all that!
    Noticed your french filigree on the HAED blog but it is your hearts that are so very appealing.
    hugs and welcome home again.

  2. Lots of *hugs* for all that traveling and I hope you got lots of furbaby snuggles while you hibernated. I know how you feel. *more hugs*

    Your Filigree is lovely… your hearts are a knockout!

    As for that new chart from Sampler Cove… *swooooons* I didn’t mean to click… but now that I have… well, first thing I did was send it to Kat… that’s what friends are for, right? I can’t drool alone. You have the most dangerous links on your blog!!

    Musn’t think of cool colors for KaliFLower… nope nope nope… *sigh*

  3. Your stitching is beautiful as always. love, love, love the hearts. soooo glad to hear you’re going to design some of your own. looking forward to that!
    so sorry you’ve had such a bad time lately and that’s topped by all the doctor stuff. glad you’re doing better and got to go to some football games.
    still looking forward to your heart designs.
    lots of hugs

  4. *huggles*
    The squirrel is my fave of the show too. I think I have fallen in love with various smalls I just never seem to stitch them.
    I have been oggling Mr squirrel debating with myself on and off since I saw him but you are right about the price *ouch*

  5. *hugs* Hope your time in the bat cave has been helping and you are feeling better now.
    Great links. I do love the squirrel. Although, that price is not too bad when you look at the other option: buy the kit without the scissors from THC website for $33 and the scissors from http://uncommonscissors.com/ for $22. I can resist though. Now if they were to bring out turtle scissors…

    Beautiful stitching too! (as usual of course). I look forward to seeing some of your own designed hearts.

  6. Oh hugs, flower! Hope you are starting to feel more like the dear girl we all love.

    That bat cave must have a timewarp button – your WIPs have progressed so well. They are both looking beautiful!

  7. So sorry to hear of your ailments! I feel your pain! I just love the My Hearts. Can you tell me the stitch count of this pattern? I would love to stitch it over 1 as well, but on 25 count, and would love to know how big it will be.

  8. Interesting piece of work. It would be nice if we can exchange links. Please let me know if it is ok. Do email me at arrica.lee@gmail.com

  9. Fudgey..love the hearts..they are beautious! (the filigree pic didn’t show up for me (stupid computer). I also like the Kalidoscope chart..very pretty!

    Sending you lots of hugs and hope you are feeling better.


  10. You’re French Filiagree looks beautiful!! and I love your hearts sampler. You’re giving me all sorts of ideas ….especially with Gloriana Threads or Thread Gatherer, or even better….Caron Waterlillies.

    I had no idea Peacock Lagoon was available as a QS. May have to get that too……

    I hope you slept well!!

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