rambling bits and pieces

well that was norty , should have been doin haed blog or stitching and i just updated my wishlist..
it needed it.. thats my story and i am sticking to it..
i frequently go through and prune it, add to it and wonder what on earth i do it for..
but it is a good excuseto look at eyecandy for a while
the newest object of my affection is Toccata number 4 .. yes it is expensive, but it is three band samplers, which i know would have been tested, and exquisitely charted and opresented in such a way all the sopecialty stitches will be a walk in the park..
not many of you know this, but i love specialty stitches, i just never do them lol
i also have this insane idea that in about 20 years ..lol i will do the full Sampler of Stitches even though i do not own one of the charts yet..crazy i know, but what is a day without dreams.. and all my dreams tend to be stitchy

The recent DMC scare… which was not a scare for me really as i had been following it fro the past month or so  and i knew to read all the article released on the first day .. umm was that thursday? to see it said restructuring not closing and never did isay full bankruptcy ofr both sides of the business, any way i digress.. Got me playing my fav game
a lot of people have decided to kit up all the non negotiable, i will stitch these charts  , and i have been awash with usage chart requests …
which made me wonder which ones would i kit up.. i mean how do i narrow it down?
i actually think whilst i still have some money coming in ( i am for ever worried they will pull the pin on my sickness benefit and onlyhave my stash to stitch from.. like i would EVER run out …. but it drives my stash collecting habit) i should kit 7-8 of the charts i know i have to stitch

which ones made the cut…
the Selina Fenech fantasy alphabet .. all 26 letters as a wall hanging
Love me Not … fenech
QS Rain Dragon … Victoria
Qs Butterfly Dream .. kuik
Qs Curly Tailed Rosey .. Rodrigue
Pearl Princess .. Disney
QSNoelle .. Elaine Cox

there is a hannah disney Qs to add in there and a JBG PAB .. both of which i am waiting to see charted..
not sure which ones to kit forst..
i spose part 1 would be to work out all the requirements for the fantasy alphabet lol which could take me all day

Ching chou has started doing fabric blocks .. she has bought a heap of pabric which is a fabric like substance she can print onto the same way she does all her art prints..
i ordered one aceo block off her and we started talking about how to use the fab.. and now i am getting 6  more and i am going to make up a cushion or bag or something for her to display and have how to use the fabric notes for interested stitchers .. from our research it seems the fabricc is not great for hand stitching, can be used for machine stitching.. but i am most interested in double sided fusible webbing, and am thinking it would be possible to construct really cool pinkeeps etc using that technique especially for those who feel finishing challenged..
so i guess i am about to work on my textiles skills again…

no stitchiy pics i am saving that for another entry..

french filigree, serenity, spanish sampler sal and my hearts and i think i owe a doodle cloth pic as well..

I have been having a shocker with photobucket of late , hence the lack of haed blog entries and the last one having no images.. but it worked yesterday so fingers crossed i can make pics tomorrow


5 responses to “rambling bits and pieces

  1. Toccata Number Four is really beautiful. I can see why you’d like it.

  2. I just love Toccata 4 too – it’s a real beauty. Looks like a fun stitch.

    What a great list of HAEDs – should keep you busy! LOL!

  3. Toccata IV is on the top of my wishlist too 🙂 Toccata II was such fun to do and I’m loving Random Thoughts too 🙂

  4. Not a bit surprised you like doing different stitches. i love doing different stitches also. so my favorite is Sampler of Stitches.
    looking forward to more pics.
    one can never have too much stash!!!
    lots of hugs

  5. pethairxstitcher

    Sounds like you have been having loads of fun! Good for you and I know you will do something truely lovely with those fabric blocks…looking forward to seeing what you do do!

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