a few stitchy updates and Character Creation News

Yes i am still here…

not many pics this time as i spent much of the last 7-8 days on the CC piece i can’t show pics of..
but i do have a few pictures still to share .
the first one is my black doodle cloth which uses all silks from HDF .. see link on side bar thingy
it is on Black PR 30 ct evenweave linen ( thanks vicky) 1×1
and it has heaps of colours lol i do actually have them all documented as i show each one seperately on the hdf board
doodle cloth

if you would like to see a bigger pic click HERE

next is my hearts sampler which i thought i had posted.. but i can see i have not .. oops
the chart is from the caron collection which i ordered from Shakespeares Peddler it is stitched 1×1 on 34 ct legacy linen i have 12 hearts to go and then i will start again on black fabric.. all the siks are hdf , either current, Limited edition or discontinued

hearts sampler

if you would like to see a bigger image , click HERE

the third opiece is a rush opiece i am doing .. i wickedly forgot my friend vicki’s birthday .. iowas sititng opposite her drinking coffee last friday and i suddenly said.. i missed your birthday!! and she laughed.. yes i had missed it , but she knew how ill i was and had let it slide.. bad girl..

soi i am stitching Debbie Draper’s Freebie Spots of Fun on 34 ct legacy linen 1×1 using a LE spools colour from HDF which is just delicious IRL ( sue you would like this one ) i see her in a fortnight for coffee again and i want to finish it and get it framed before then.. nothing like setting myself targets in real life this looks more like rose potpourri in colour the reds are redder and the pinks are pinker and the graduation of colour looks wonderful


now a question.. observation.. or something.. for the aussie girls..

have any of you noticed that not many of the nashville releases have made their way to aussie ONS’
i am going nutty waiting for various charts to appear.. some of which would be perfect for my gift stitching which i am trying to do atm .. and would have done for Vicky instead of the freebie ( i am thinking here oif the la d da alphabet sampler, or the jbw  new country  heart and puppy charts  , stitched together as she has a lovely dog)

there ar a few but in general there are hardly any of them..i am really torn atm between not supporting aussie shops and doing an overseas order and continue to sit around and wait ..
yes i did email one and the indication was they would come in , but that was ages ago and i am still waiting, waiting ,waiting

next great news for Character Creation fans the message board is back, new and improved ( thanks dave)
the info is HERE and i can’t wait to see the new chart hinted at!

i am now in a 2 week cycle of HAED’s french Filigree and martina dey Serenity sampler sttictching orgy..

it is weird doing a original haed chart instead of a normal one i think i will ask Michele if i can go back to lady in a meadow after this rotation and finish her i am missing the soothing rythm of that style of stitching.. i really enjoyed my last week of doing it on a CC piece and was reluctant to move on


5 responses to “a few stitchy updates and Character Creation News

  1. Nice to read that you are so busy stitching…lets us all oogle the pretty pictures.
    huggles and hope the hands are doing better.

  2. I have to admit I imported my La De da Alphabet. Just couldn’t wait!! I’m an impatient girl!!

    All your WIPS are looking beautiful!!

    CDU is pretty busy getting ready for the needlework show coming up. I think there is prolly a lot of stock that hasn’t made it to her website.

  3. I love seeing your updates! These pieces are all so beautiful.

  4. Thanks for posting updates! your doodle cloth gets prettier and prettier. anxious to see your CC stitch when it can be posted.
    sure glad you’re doing better.
    lots of hugs

  5. Pretty pics and I love that red combo – although if IRL it’s more pink, I might prefer the screen version 🙂

    I have been good and not looking at buying stash lately (well, except for the spools I did from Vicky a while back and all the silkies at the show) so I can’t answer your question about the Nashville releases. I did notice that the Oz ONSs have been very slow in the past though. I think some of it might not be their fault. Sometimes all the stock goes to filling the US shops’ orders and we have to wait for a few months more.

    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Hope you are feeling better soon. I owe you an email, I know, I’ll try and send you one this weekend 🙂


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