cool stuff

well cool stuff for me anyway lol

it was like christmas at my place this moring , beautiful people ..vicky and sonya had sent me gifties
no not sharing what exactly .. but there was cool stuff like silks, fab , choc, jewellery etc…
they arrived the same moring as my new jelly belly stash so that was super cool, parcels everywhere!
and that was after an email from a fairy saying she already had the la d da alphabet for me waiting to wing its way to me! ((hugs)) little fairy
so that is one down on the waiting waiting waiting list lol ( must go cross it off my wish list before i forget!)

I am fighting an enormous temptation atm..
people keep posting pictures of pretty Myrea petit cats on the BB and i want one too.. pout..
i am so proud of my sticking to a stitching routine as i have for the last 4 months ( will not call it a rotation as it is not really it is more “My Stitching Rules”) and these pesky cats keep poking at me with their paws..
only thing stopping me is not having the floss .. well all the floss lol and not being able to choose between the Rose Kitty and the Anenome one ( the colour chart fo rthis one is to die for!), and now i am entering the danger zone, a new start sal starts next weekend on the Haed Bb and i am scared i will go crazy and start stitching witht the floss i have..
might have to go away for the weekend to avoid the temptation!..

 oh and the second section of the periphaeria mystery sampler is up.. and she gave us the centre motif.. just to test those of us too lazy to grid in the lines i am sure of it!

better get back to Serenity Sampler !



6 responses to “cool stuff

  1. I have to admit I was thinking of starting one of my Myrea Petit cats for the new start sal. I already have Rose kitted… hmmm

  2. I would love to see one of my cats embroidered no one has every sent me one completed. I would be very happy to put this on my website with all credits .
    Keep dancing into Light

  3. So happy you had such wonderful gifts this morning!! Hoorah!
    Several of Myrea’s cat charts are in my stash. Sonya’s Poppy is looking beautiful in those HDF silks so it just makes things more tempting.
    what a difficult choice between roses and anemones. they’re both beautiful!!
    lots of hugs

  4. I have been hoping that someone would stitch Anemones!…meow>>

  5. Forgot to add that Poppy puss will have another page done soon and the yellow is so very showy… meow, meow, meow!…

  6. Parcels are so much fun. I’m glad you have been receiving some – sounds like you needed it.
    Sounds like you’ll have fun stitching part 2 of periphaeria’s mystery. It is pretty too, but I just don’t see the frogs 🙂

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