A Serenity Sampler Update

Thopught i would show an update of My serenity sampler model..

i am flying along compared to my other pieces, the weddigen 35ct is wonderful to stitch on for samplers , i must get some more from Martina , you can email Coulrs Down Under as they have it too but not in the cream for 35 ct, they have other counts i know that…
it is 1×1 35ct using regular HDF silks in pretty much the designers colourway with a slight greens change to bring in the darker green . I would say i am well over half way..
there is a boo boo, one of the smaller motifs has to be frogged  got disorientated being a smarty pants, i stitched one in a circle rather than back and forth and got lost… don’t ask.. just accept i am fudgey my name and by brain power…  only i can ger disorientated and lost on a sampler stitching a motif
it really speaks to how much trouble i am having with my health atm


if you would like a bigger image CLICK HERE

i had an impulse buy the other day.. couldn’t help myself it just HAPPENED!
the new papillion creations Heat Wave chart… it had butterflies on it.. i had just ordered a pretty spool of silk and as soon as i saw the chart i knew that silk would look lovely sttiched as butterflies.. so i bought it..
i bought it from papillion  so i could download the chart straight away..
here is a Link to the site, click on samplers to find Heat wave


8 responses to “A Serenity Sampler Update

  1. I know exactly what you mean about getting disorientated in a motif – I have had a bit of frogging in Cirques AND Blackstone because of it. I know, I know, how could I get so disoriented in Blackstone, all I have to do if follow the knot – well, somehow I managed it, ummm, about 10 times *blush*

    I can se why heatwave took your fancy. It is such a you kind of chart. So any plans to start it yet?

    Serenity is looking lovely, the colours go great together and your stitching is, as always, beautiful.

  2. Oh, this is looking just so beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job.

    Sorry your health still sucks. I hope it improves soon.

  3. Just gorgeous!

    Feel better soon, thinking of you!

  4. It’s lovely! Those pinks and greens look perfect together!

    Feel better, sweets… let some sunlight and sparklies into your cave. I miss you. **hugs**

  5. greens…. such healing shades and just the sort of thing you want to have while going into winter…love those greens –grin.
    May the forest be with you! ((((huggles))))

  6. Fudgey, so sorry you’re having more health problems. that is truly sad to hear. please take good care of yourself and start as many new charts as you want cos it definitely helps.
    love your sampler it is beautiful!!
    lots of hugs

  7. Thank you for the beautiful purple design you added for me.
    more hugs

  8. what a pretty chart from Papillon! Serenity it looking wonderful, I wouldn’t even know you need to frog a motif ((hugs))

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