Beware a restless Stitching Diva


cos you just don’t know what she will start..

Where did i go , i had a second finish in as many weeks and then ***poof*** i evaporated
i know i have been a bad stitchy friend, hardly emailed anyone , hardly answered any emails , no blogging
I just endured 2 weeks of paul being home … sweet as he is he totally does not get what I do in a day, has no appreciation for my stitching or stitching time and generally bounces around like a puppy expecting constant attention…
when left in peace cos golf had called, i would do my BB stuff and try and grab some stitching time
but my model stitching has suffered terribly cos i have not been able to concentrate,
i alos went home to see mum for four days , not much stitching there either… the light in her house is awful except her lamp, so i had toi wait until she went to bed each night before i could stitch
and then there were the headaches, the appointments, the misery of freezing cold rain and dark days and the corresponding aching joints

Anyway , that was my pity party… onto the good stuff
i started 2 new hdf samplers in my restless frustrated misery state , one i can share the other did not make it to the scanner before the scanner threw one of its ever increasing tantrums.
not that there is much to share of the non scanned one as most of my time for that one was taken up with trying to chart a decent heart outline that did not look skinny, fat or oddly distended  , and then working out how to print the blessed thing… my squares are so tiny it is silly i need remedial training for my software lol

the other one i think only one person knows even exists … i had two starts at this one , first on black 35ct from weeks dyeworks , i like the linen but not doing 1×1 stitching on it… the stitches got jammed up, even paul could see .. well he said he could…. he might have just been agreeing so he could get away, to him looking at my stitching is like having a tooth removed with out drugs especially if asked to supply an meaningful opinion!
so then we had take two on my trusty white 34 ct legacy linen… tradgedy.. i have only a scrap of the white left… not enough for another sampler!!!


these are my kitty’s! the first one is stitched in an LE HDf silk 1363-1365-1453 .. I deliberately stitched the colours in patches so the kitty was more a pink calico kitty , than pink tabby , the second kitty is being stitched  in another LE colour 2139-2141-2143 which is a lilac mist combo.. so far the eyes /mouth/whiskers have been stitched in one of the wrasse greens, but that will change as the mood strikes me
the chart is from Tournicoton  andis called Collection De chats i got my copy form Shakespeare’s Pedler ( see list to the right , the link is there) and it can be found in the May Basket abot 2/3 rd way down the page)

i won’t be doing much of the patterning , using the variegated silk to do its thing… except i might do one .. maybe two.. depends on what happens when the needle is in my hand)


10 responses to “Beware a restless Stitching Diva

  1. I’ve always liked those Cats by Tournicoton! Yours look beautiful!

  2. OMG!!! Look at those kitties and those colours!!! WOW!!!

  3. Love your kitties! You gotta finish the blue one!


  4. kitties are too cute, Fudgey…I like, and have never seen that chart before!


  5. Now those Kittys are the very cutest little guys! love them and your calico idea. it looks really neat. as for your stitching…one word….PURRFECT!!!
    hope you’re feeling better by now and getting a lot of stitching done!
    love and hugs

  6. pethairxstitcher

    what a happy looking stitch; I will bet that you had lots of fun working on them. Love the patchwork,
    hugs and hope you are doing better now.

  7. Love your new Kitty sampler! Another design I’ve not seen before but thankfully I think I can resist this one.

  8. Like everyone else, I love the kitties!!

  9. SQUEEE!!!! KITTIES!!!!!! SQUEEE!!!!!

  10. Love your kitties. They are super.

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