picture updates and some chart lust….

i know i went quiet again..

but i do have pictures so i guess that makes up for it..
firstly though chart lust.. that is what i suffer from lol
Firstly Kerry has a lovley new purple Mermaid from one of my favourite fantasy artists .. sadly she does notrelease a lot of artwork , but when she does.. yummm . she has done a few lately which look wonderful charted..
The artist is Nicole Cadet the new chart is … Amythest Mermaid 

the second one isn’t really lust as it is winging its way to me atm from the lovely Janine at Colours Down Under It is th Austrian Spot Sampler From Romy i fell in love with it the moment i saw it and ordered it from her.. what a wonderful first chart to start your charting career with.. i was norty last night and tested a heap of silks on white 48 count… don’t faint i am doing it 1×2 as there is blackwork in it . I am still not sure which colour. i find white very stark to stitch on and it is a challenge to get the right contrast with the thread and i don’t want to do deeop red cos everyone seems to be.. and i hate being the same…lol
janine is a wicked enabler too, in her email she says.. so do you want me to put the patchwork ball chart from twisted oaks ( second image on page) in as well, that arrived today… yes you all know what my answer was!

Todays picture updates are of my Black Doodle cloth, My Kitty Sampler , nics RR and French Filigree
the only one i like the picture of is French Filigree, i hate my new scanner, we are not getting aloong at all, i can not get colours right at all.. pout, it is especially bad fior the kitty sampler, the green cat is so much prettier irl, all details have been said before on numerou occasions so check back if you want to know details.. all excpet the Rr piece which is from Nic ‘s haed dragon RR in her unique shapes , i stitched a bit of The fairy Queens companion… check out the goofy bit of a grin i managed to get into the pic..lol

nics dragon

collection de chats

collection de chats

French Filigree

black doodle cloth

black doodle cloth

There is a better link to the Doodle Cloth HERE

Off to stitch my Serenity Sampler model for the rest of the week…


6 responses to “picture updates and some chart lust….

  1. You have been a stitching demon. giggle. so much done and love everything you’ve shown. those kitties are well, yummmmmmy! you do have some really pretty lust afters too. think your pics turned out nice.
    Take good care Fudgikins.

  2. Love everything, especially the cats.

    Sorry you’re having trouble with the scanner. Technology is sent to test us.

    Hugs and take care of yourself.

  3. Great looking wip’s-I love the doodle cloth.

  4. Mee-YOW! I just adore those kitties!

    How big is that doodle cloth of yours? It looks like a work of art!! Actually, all of your stitching is a work of art. *hugs*

  5. Ok, I confess that i had a chuckle when I saw the Austrian sampler…you will have to think of me…(being made in austria too- grin) I shall be curious to see which colour combo you pick…
    get stitching all the way!

  6. Hey Fudgey~
    Gorgeous work!!! Then again, you are quite a talented stitcher. 🙂

    I sent an email to your yahoo account. (I’m at work and cannot access YUKU BB atm, and I don’t have your correct email).

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