I found my password…

i forgot my password…
and stubborn is as stubborn does i refused to reset it..
and finally worked it out.. i know it took me ages… sorry

But i have been stitching heaps and i have lots of pictues to share!
mind you i had so much trouble doing the images for the haed blog i am dreading doing these ones..
why do all websites feel the need to constantly tinker with the system…
people chose various sites for their ease of use quite often… and then they go stuff em up with new fangled stuff… Sigh …

anyways … a finish, 2  new starts and 2 updates follow..
the finish…

my Collection De Chats form Tournicoton is finished.. i got my chart fiorm Shakespeares pedler which is on my list of ONS to the right

1x1 on 34ct legacy linen using hdf silks

1x1 on 34ct legacy linen using hdf silks

the colour is washed out sorry… i am having a battle royale with my scanner .. sigh

next is my update of Serenity sampler ( martina Dey)

1x1 on 35 ct weddigen linen using HDF silks

1x1 on 35 ct weddigen linen using HDF silks

again colour is a lot more intense irl.. scroll back to earlier posts to get a better colour idea…

next in this picture orgy is my New Start Austrian Spot Sampler From Romy which you can also see in her blog
I am stitching this on 1×2 on 48-50 ct from legacy linen … it feels funny sttiching 1×2 and even though it is a high count it fels and looks really big and chunky to me ( yes i know freak is a word oft used for me!)

This is a wonderful chart especially for a first off chart and i encourage fans of monochromes and spot samplers to consider buying it… it is a real fun stitch I am using an HDF mystery spool which i worked out was a Rose of Attar combo and i am there fore adding some of the component colours form the RoA series

1x2 48-0 ct Legacy linen using HDF silks

1x2 48-50 ct Legacy linen using HDF silks


And the next new start was started on the weekend.. after finishing my last brights sampler ( the kitties) i needed a new one to play with between models and as i was battleing a raging cold which induced large patches of frogging it was best to not do anything too demanding for a few days and i started A Mon Ami Pierres Heritage de Lettres on vikki claytons new 35 ct linen.. this piece is undyed.. i have some black lightly mottled coming in the post which is cool… but she is also dyeing various sampler colours atm
it is a nice linen and rates just behind my Weddigen and 34 ct legacy linen in favourites but light years ahead of edinburgh 36 ct and WDW 35 ct both of which feel a bit thin in comparisson

1x1 35 ct Hdf linen using Hdf silks

1x1 35 ct Hdf linen using Hdf silks

my last update is to say i am back working seriously on Lady in the Meadow and my next post will hopefully have a very close to finished wip pic … and actually ii suspect in the next 8-10 weeksd i might even have two model finishes as i am getting close on my CC model as well..
so i think in this half of the year i will have at least 3 maybe four more finishes…
scary really!!
thats assuming i do not get derailed…. always a danger

11 responses to “I found my password…

  1. Glad that you’re ok,
    Have been missing the updates.
    hugs and purrs.

  2. Lost your password… *giggles*

    Love the kitties… love the letters and all the pretties in between!

    Don’t like the cold. Tsk! Send it away!

    Have some tropical Caribbean sunshine! *HUGS*

  3. congrats on your kitty finish-very pretty and I love your new start. You always pick such great colors. Wips looking good too.

  4. I was wondering what had happened to you! I love how the Cat’s turned out – just scrumptious!

  5. Oh wow!!! An update!!! Everything looks so good…. glad to see you back ((hugs))

  6. Wow! you’ve sure accomplished a lot! i love everything. Martina’s sampler is gorgeous. everything has such pretty colors. thanks for all the new pics.
    sorry about the lousy cold. hope you get over it real soon.

  7. Everything looks fabulous. Great work. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Passwords can be sneaky but it pays to be stubborn with them! (grin)
    lots of lovely stitching and I am so looking forward to seeing those CC pieces and the HAED piece as well…I know that I will be drooling on the keyboard!

  9. Lovely WIPs. I love all the colors you are using 🙂

    I am constantly forgetting passwords–it makes me crazy!

  10. Boo!
    The all look fabulous *hugs*

  11. I realize I emailed you about how beautiful all your projects are. I just wanted to add my voice here. They are gorgeous.

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